Gorbulin has identified three scenarios for the Kremlin’s actions against Ukraine

In the near future the Kremlin may resort to the three scenarios of action against Ukraine: the scenario “Battle” scenario “Ultimatum” and the scenario “Degraded”.

This was during the presentation of his monograph “the Global hybrid war: the Ukrainian front,” said the Director of the National Institute for strategic studies of NAS of Ukraine Vladimir Gorbulin.

Scenario “Battle” – the offensive of the armed formations of Donbass, the Russian-supported forces from all directions. The script for “Ultimatum” – federalization and the actual desiredoceania Ukraine. And the scenario “Degraded” – the transformation of Ukraine into a “gray area” no man’s land of instability and frozen conflicts, doomed to gradual degradation, said the academician said.

Which of these scenarios will be implemented, according to Vladimir Gorbulin, nobody knows, but Ukraine should be ready for any of them.

We will remind, after the inauguration of Donald trump Horbulin opined that the reality of the deal between Moscow and Washington over Ukraine would be unlikely without the consent of Kiev. But Kiev, according to Gorbulin, definitely does not want to become the object of bidding.