Spring allergies: TOP 5 major methods of prevention

The arrival of spring, the sun and the first flowers not all are happy. The reason for this can be allergic to.

Itching, inflammation, skin rashes and other skin manifestations of spring allergies cause a lot of discomfort and worsen the quality of life. Before flowering, there is still time to engage in the prevention of allergies and to avoid spring fever, says Lisa.

To do this you must follow five important rules:

  • eliminate from the diet all the potentially dangerous products-allergens (citrus, nuts, spices, sauces, meats, sausages, pickles, whole cow’s milk, honey, chocolate, foods with preservatives, flavor enhancers, etc.);
  • use only hypoallergenic cosmetic and hygiene products to moisturize the skin;
  • screening for the presence in the body of worms;
  • to abandon bad habits, keep healthy lifestyle and strengthen the immune system;
  • take care of colon health.