What food must eat together to have a great body

To make a competent diet is an art. Not always enough intuition and inner feelings. It is important to know and understand which substances are suitable for a certain time of day and how they combined with each other.

There are some products that are better to eat together. Only together they reveal all its beneficial properties and even enhance the nutritional value of each other.


  • They are old: what products in any case can not be used on the face as a mask

Experts have made a selection of the ten pairs of foods that must be consumed together. So they will bring your body the maximum benefit and better digestible.

  • Tomatoes and olive oil

Prepare tomato salad? Be sure to add in the list of ingredients is olive oil. In tomatoes in large quantities contains the antioxidant lycopene. He is responsible not only for the red pigment favorite vegetable, but also reduces the risk of developing cancer.

  • Salmon and Kale

The best side dish for red fish is Kale. White, red, Beijing, Kale can take your pick. Salmon contains large amounts of calcium, which contributes to a better absorption of vitamin D. By happy coincidence, cabbage is rich in this vitamin, in which billions of people around the globe lack. Will make for a great gastronomic Duo.

  • Apples and dark chocolate

There are sweets that can be eaten without the slightest remorse. For example, apples in dark chocolate. Apples contain quercetin, and dark chocolate is catechins. Together, these substances strengthen blood vessel walls, increase their elasticity and prevent the formation of blood clots.

  • Cabbage Kale and almonds

Nutritious salads are always perfect snack. And if the ingredients are chosen wisely, this dish is particularly good. Combine cabbage Kale with almonds. Kale Kale contains a huge amount of micronutrients. The product is quite self-sufficient, but all these nutrients are much better absorbed with fats, which are so numerous in almonds.

  • Salmon and garlic

Another perfect companion for salmon – garlic. The latter is a true natural antibiotic. It includes more than 150 biologically active substances. They complement the salmon. Canadian scientists have proved that this pair of products strengthens the cardiovascular system and lowers cholesterol levels in the blood.

  • Tomatoes and broccoli

Aim to increase the nutritional value of tomatoes? Complement their cheerful broccoli. American scientists conducted experiments on animals and came to some interesting conclusions. If the diet for 10% broccoli and 10% tomato, the risk of developing cancer is reduced by 52%. Separately, broccoli and tomatoes, these impressive results are not shown.

  • Turmeric and black pepper

Awesome mix are turmeric and black pepper. Use this combination of spices as often as possible to boost the body’s defenses, strengthen the immune system, to gently cleanse the body and improve the digestive system. In turmeric contains the antioxidant curcumin, which is much better absorbed with black pepper.

  • Bell pepper and black beans

For a change, try to cook stuffed bell peppers no meat, and black beans. These ingredients are successfully combined and complement each other. Black beans – a valuable source of iron. When entering the body is absorbed only from five to 20% of this substance. This figure will rise to six times if the iron Supplement vitamin C which is contained in abundance in red Bulgarian peppers.

  • Whole grains and onions

Whole grain foods are rich in zinc and iron. These minerals are better utilized by the body, it is necessary to Supplement them with sulfur. It destroys relationships in these substances, which prevent them to be absorbed into the blood and into needy bodies.

  • Brussels sprouts and olive oil

Cook the Brussels sprouts together with olive oil. Will not only delicious but also very healthy dish. Composed of Brussels sprouts present vitamin K, which promotes better blood clotting and forms bone tissue. This vitamin is better absorbed by the body if it is connected with fats. And a lot of them in olive oil.