How to change the dollar rate in Ukraine: analysts

In Ukraine the exchange rate of the dollar against the hryvnia has reached a temporary equilibrium. Last week the official rate of the American currency decreased from 27.19 to 27.08 UAH or 0.4%. Weighted average dollar exchange rate on the interbank market, according to the regulator, by contrast, grew from UAH 27,12. to 27.28 USD. By the end of this week, predicts senior analyst “Alpari” Vadim Iosub, the hryvnia exchange rate will be between 27-27,4 hryvnia.

“By the end of the week the official dollar rate and the dollar on the interbank market will remain in the range of 27.0-27.4 USD. The rate of cash dollar in banks may decline slightly to 27.1/27.6 UAH”, – predicts analyst.

In connection with growth of quotations of the dollar on the interbank market on Monday, when they reached 27.36 USD. The national Bank came out with the auction for the sale of foreign currency, offering the market $ 30 million. Banks brought a demand by 19.1 million, and sold was the result of 15.8 million

“The commitment of the Bank to repay the outbreak of the demand for currency should reassure the market, and the trend in recent days for the appreciation of the dollar, most likely, will not have its continuation, and the market stabiliziruemost near current levels,” – said Vadim Iosub.