What will happen to Ukrainians who do not have time to make 35 years of service after the pension reform

In Ukraine, if the Parliament will support the draft pension reform, next year will tighten the requirements for receiving the minimum pension. Those who have less than 15 years of experience, will have to settle for social assistance instead of a pension. The website “Today” figured out what to do to Ukrainians, who did not need to earn pension at 60 years of experience.

“The bill (on pension reform – ed.) by 2018-2020 provided for the appointment of temporary social assistance for those people who first came into the hallway and have at least 15 years of experience. They reached 60 years, they don’t have enough experience under the new criteria, but they will have the right to obtain temporary relief – up to 63 or to 65 years, and then they will receive their normal retirement pension,” – says senior researcher of the Institute of demography Lydia Tkachenko.

Those who have not turned 15 years of seniority, retirement generally will not be eligible, They can receive state social assistance. According to the expert, state social assistance for persons who have reached retirement age, but has not acquired the right to pension, is now assigned 63 years (3 years later normal pension age), and will be on the bill, s 65 (5 years later).

“The more a person work experience since 2004, the more difficult it will be to fulfill this criterion. Those who will be 60 years after 2027, the need to have over 35 years of experience, and a large part of their working lives will take place through a system of personification PF”, – said Lydia Tkachenko.

By the way, missing two years of experience you can buy. To do this, the amount of the minimum premium must be multiplied by 42. At the moment it is 29 thousand UAH 568.