How to go on a diet and not to hurt the body

In pursuit of a slender figure want to try the diet, which involves fasting days? There are valuable tips that will help you to lose weight without harm to health, says “Home”.

Please verify immediately: now popular diet with intermittent fasting or a diet food through the day – not quite what you thought! She suggests that one day you eat to satiety, and the other sitting on the water alone. Intermittent power is a system where you alternate days with a usual diet and days when the number of calories consumed does not exceed 500.

Note that this diet is not for everyone. I advise you to consult a dietitian, to what extent your body is able to withstand this load. In addition, some studies show that intermittent diet people lose weight about the same as, and subject to the ordinary balanced diet.

But if you are one of those who feel more comfortable to lose weight this system, our advice will help you to achieve faster results without harm to the body.

Tip 1. Pay attention to the quality

Of course, you can a “hungry” day to eat butter cookies 500 calories and count that fulfilled the condition diet. However, whether the benefits to your body from such food? Try to cleanse even the smallest morsel of food brought maximum benefit. For example, it is better to eat a slice of fish or boiled egg, vegetables or a piece of brisket.

Tip 2. Do not overdo the activity

In the “hungry” days it is important to strike a balance between the number of calories consumed and the energy the body spends on the activity. This does not mean that you have to spend a day completely passively, on the contrary – the main point of intermittent power is in the fact that in fasting the body burns more calories. But prefer not too vigorous physical activity: yoga instead of weight training, walking instead of running.

Tip 3. Focus on products that saturate

Some products create a feeling of satiety for a long time – usually those that contain protein, fiber, healthy fat. Their eat on the fast day. From the point of view of health benefits, it is preferable to fill the salad with a spoon of olive oil (120 calories) that not only satisfies, but will also protect your heart. To the products that are well saturated, also include avocado, nuts, seafood.

Tip 4. Choose large volumes

If you’re used to big portions, you are unlikely to saturate a small portion of oatmeal. Try to choose food that is in the stomach a large volume, but its calorie content will not go beyond the provisions in the fasting day 500 calories. For example, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli and so on. Small caveat: a portion of steamed or boiled vegetables are much high-calorie than a serving of raw. Therefore, a large bowl grate carrot, add to a plate of lean meat and you’ll be well fed.

Tip 5. Use herbs and spices

Natural seasonings contain virtually no calories but make the food more delicious and fragrant. In addition, the use of spices and herbs allows you to quickly fill your stomach and speed up metabolism.

Tip 6. Eat slowly

In the “hungry” days you should be making an effort, force yourself to absorb your food much slower than usual. So you quickly saturate a small amount of food and will not go beyond the required boundaries within 500 calories.