Kiev tactics failed?

In January of 2017 senators John McCain (John McCain) and Lindsey Graham (Lindsey Graham) travelled to the war zone in the East of Ukraine and tried to inspire the troops of the Kiev regime a war against their countrymen in the Donbass.

Lindsey Graham said:

“2017 will be the year of the occurrence… We will be back in Washington and will promote the issue of opposition of Russia. Enough to tolerate Russian aggression. For them, it’s time to pay a higher price”.

John McCain said:

“I believe that you will win. I am convinced that you will win. And we will do everything in our power to provide you with everything you need for victory.”

The aim was, of course, put the newly elected President of Donald trump (Donald Trump) with a fait accompli, so he doesn’t have the slightest chance to improve relations with Russia.

The Kiev regime is also interested in this. Chocolate oligarch Petro Poroshenko 100% supported Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton) during the election campaign. Frightened him that his Ukrainian project may fall out of favor in Washington. Kiev also noticed that the enthusiasm of the US and the EU about the sponsorship of a black hole, which is thoroughly corrupt Ukraine’s economy plummeted.

Therefore, Kiev is doing everything in his power, that is, provokes a war. Began the attack on East Ukrainian cities and towns around Donetsk. Such large losses on both sides was not long ago. Here and began to call the judge, that is trump.

The disappointment was great when trump did not go into the trap, and was limited to calling on the parties to cease fire and to observe the Minsk agreements. There was no hint of the usual condemnation of Russia, which would be followed by Obama/Kerry. AP writes:

White house spokesman Sean Spicer (Sean Spicer) on Wednesday had little to say when asked about the attitude of the administration to renewed military action, which began at the end of the week and lasted through Wednesday. At least 10 people were killed and dozens were wounded. President Donald trump “constantly briefed on the situation” in Ukraine, and the White house “to obtain new information; while we continue to work.” But it was not clear when will this new information.

Maxim Eristavi, a Ukrainian journalist, who actively participated in the events on the Maidan in 2014, writes in the Washington Post that the United States has left Ukraine:

“In any case, the refusal of the United States to argue strongly for the cessation of violence in Eastern Ukraine is a clear signal to Kiev: friendship over. And it doesn’t matter whether this is the result of skillful maneuvering of the Kremlin, or some concession of the administration of the tramp under the influence of public opinion. The United States ‘ reaction to the current massacre in the Ukraine is alarming characteristic of the new emerging geopolitical reality.”

Eristavi reports data that confirm what I have mentioned several times in the materials, namely, the active role played by the U.S. Embassy and Ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt (Geoffrey Pyatt) regime change in Ukraine. He writes:

“During the crisis years 2014-16 will be presented the Ukrainians were considered by the Embassy as a source of energy all day long made statements of support.”
So it was then. And now he believes that the US turned Ukraine back.

Perhaps Eristavi exaggerating. But if what he writes is the truth, then it’s a positive thing. The risk that the Ukrainian coup and the subsequent “anti-terrorist operation” against the Donbas could lead to war between the USA and Russia, were sometimes very large. The neocons of the state Department in Alliance with the Nazis of Ukraine did everything possible to provoke a war. If recent events mean that they did not work, it is very good.