Rozenko: to Raise tariffs for gas and utility bills any longer

In Ukraine there is no reason to increase in 2017, utility tariffs and gas prices. This was stated by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko, reports the press service of the government.

“I’m sure, yet the economic conditions to raise gas prices and utility bills. As of the end of January I don’t see any reasons for raising the price of gas and utilities services during 2017. It is not necessary to frighten people! When the time comes, the government will not hide, but openly misleading Ukrainians to raise tariffs”, – said Rozenko.

In his opinion, the current price of gas in Ukraine already meets European and is economically justified.

“To further enhance it’s nowhere,” said Deputy Prime Minister.

Rozenko also noted that in connection with the increase in the minimum wage from 1 January 2017 up to 3200 UAH the size of assigned subsidies in this cold season will not be revised. The conversion will take place only by following topstone.

Recall that in March 2017 is planned the last stage of price increases for electricity in Ukraine. Since the first of March the consumption up to 100 kWh will have to pay 90 cents each kilowatt will cost 168 cents. A separate tariff for those who consume more than 600 kWh, will not.

For example, a family who spends every month 200 kWh of electricity, currently pay for electricity 258 USD. In March, for the same amount of energy will have to pay 336 USD.

As for gas, experts in the field of energy for sure: in 2017 should appreciate gas. the current rate includes the cost of imported gas – $ 185 per thousand cubic meters, and the budget for 2017 is provided that natural gas for Ukraine will rise to 245 dollars.

As calculated ex-the head of Department on public relations of “Naftogaz” Valentin Zemlyansky, gas, according to the formula of the Cabinet, next year will cost 9600 hryvnia per thousand cubic meters (currently 6800 UAH). At the same time, the expert Yuri Korolchuk sure that the economically justified tariff for gas will grow next year at 25-60% (8.5-11 thousand UAH). If the price of gas not to revise, economists say,