How easy it is to lose weight when sedentary lifestyle: the advice of a nutritionist

Sedentary work does not contribute to weight loss, and sometimes, on the contrary, contributes to the recruitment of extra pounds.

How to get rid of excess weight in sedentary work, know American nutritionist Rebecca Scritchfield, reports the New time.

1. Do 30 minutes of exercise every day

Review your schedule and select at least half an hour to physical exercise. If you can’t live without TV shows and TV can combine business with pleasure – to do exercises while watching your favorite show.

2. More go

To increase physical activity, the expert advises to abandon elevators and transport. Climb a few floors on their own and you will certainly feel fatigue in the legs, which demonstrates the effectiveness of “exercise”.

Also, if possible take time to walk a little before and after work.

3. Redefine nutrition

Try to eat healthy food throughout the day. For example, instead of cookies snack fruit or dried fruit, yogurt or cottage cheese. Lunch, in turn, can diversify cereal and fresh vegetables.

4. Drink plenty of water

Very often, people confuse easy hunger with thirst. To avoid overeating and to maintain the body’s water balance – daily drink plenty of water. Put on your desktop a bottle, to always be mindful of the need to drink.

5. Walk around the office

Try to at least every hour or two to get up to walk, because continuous sitting is injurious to health. Such trips will help to reduce the negative impact of sedentary work and will additionally burn off some calories.