Leading Fox News did not apologize for “Putin murderer”

The host of Fox News channel, bill Oreily did not apologize for his words about Russian President Vladimir Putin. At the beginning of the next issue, Orally continued hostile rhetoric in address of the Russian President, saying that he is a “tyrant,” reports RT.

“I’m working on the apology, but it may take some time. It is possible that you can wait for them in 2023,” said the journalist.

February 5, Orally during a call with U.S. President Donald trump made accusations against Putin, calling him a “murderer”. Trump, in turn, ignored the journalist’s claim. The us President said that the U.S. also has “a lot of killers”. “I respect him. I have many people I respect. This does not mean that I’m going to get along with him. I say that to get on better with Russia than not, and if Russia helps us in the fight against the militants of ISIS, which is the main opposition and Islamic terrorism worldwide is a good thing,” said trump in an interview with journalist bill O’reilly.

In turn , the Kremlin said that offended and want an apology from the American Fox News channel, journalist who called Putin a murderer. “We believe such words on the part of Fox News correspondent is unacceptable, offensive and, frankly, would prefer to apologize to the President from such a respected broadcaster,” said press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov. The answer trump’s question on Fox News about Putin Peskov did not comment.

January 27, Senator from the Republican party John McCain announced before the phone call trump with Putin urged the US President to remember that Putin is “a murderer and a bandit” and wants to be the enemy of the United States.