Military intelligence service of Norway: new Russian submarines are difficult to detect

Russia continues to increase its military potential near Norway. For use on Russian submarines of new technologies Norwegian military has become more difficult to find them.

“We see increased activity of Russian submarines as the fact that they are moving further West. At the same time use advanced technology so that to detect them becomes more difficult,” — said the head of military intelligence Lieutenant General Morten Haga Lunde (Morten Haga Lunde).

Russia modernized and developed submarines that can move under water, almost silently. At low speeds they use as a water jet engine system, the result is very difficult to detect. In addition, they are armed with the most modern missile system.

Russian media have previously argued that these missiles equipped with nuclear warheads, the capacity of which exceeds many times the power of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in August 1945.

New threat assessment

The military intelligence presented his annual threat assessment. She believes that Russia is still increasing its military capacity and modernizes its forces. In the assessment of intelligence, emphasizes that the military potential and technology in Russia has now reached the level of Western countries.

“In recent years, Russia has been upgrading. She has a new submarines, surface ships, aircraft and military technology,” says Lund.

In the assessment of the intelligence service still says that Russia currently does not pose a direct threat to Norway. Nevertheless, the military will carefully monitor the situation.

The conflict or the situation in which Russia will be involved and any other party may move to the North. In this case, they are affected, and Norway.

The increase in the number of hacker attacks

On Saturday, the head of the intelligence service stated that Norway does not have the protection of the border with the help of computers. Morten Haga Lunde also said that a growing number of Chinese and Russian hackers. It is also one of the main points of the annual assessment of threats.

“We see that these attacks occur almost continuously. They largely carried out by state perpetrators. At the same time, we see that terrorist organizations are increasingly using computer technology and programming, to carry out terrorist activities in Europe,” says Lund.

Military intelligence service says that there is penetration in the Norwegian servers. It becomes an intermediate for further attacks, to the detriment of other countries-allies of Norway.

The terrorist threat is relatively small

In its assessment of the threats the intelligence Service also draws attention to a possible terrorist threat to Norway. Military intelligence thinks as the police security service — Norway is not a priority, but adds that the danger of terrorist attacks there is still.

“We anticipate that the terror threat will remain at a low and stable level, but we believe that possible terrorist attacks will have a different character. Previously, we observed a large and ostentatious terrorist attacks planned by the main leaders of ISIS (an organization banned in Russia — approx. ed.), now we are more afraid of groups and individuals sympathetic to ISIS and are already in Europe,” says Lund.