Crimea: anti-Ukrainian newspaper in Ukrainian language

The “power” of the Crimea announced the release of regional Newspapers in the Ukrainian language. In the “Council of Ministers” assured that enlisted the support of “Ukrainian community” of the Crimea, created at the behest of the Kremlin administration. Such initiatives aimed at raising awareness among the inhabitants of the Peninsula about stereotypes and news coverage of further repression against Ukrainian activists.

As reported by Russian journalists the head of “state” for nationalities Zaur Smirnov, the publication agreed with “the Ukrainian community of the Crimea”.

“The newspaper will tell about the life of Ukrainians on the Peninsula. The name of the newspaper is still in the working draft,” — said Smirnov. According to him, the newspaper will be published with the support of the Crimean “government” is planning to release later this month.

“The Ukrainian community of Crimea” organization established last year with the filing of the Republican “government”. Its main task is to promote among Crimeans and residents of Ukraine in General the image “correct” from the point of view of Moscow, Ukrainians — the such simple-minded younger brother. The organization was headed by Oleg Mustache — a resident of Simferopol district, active member of “United Russia”. Site “Peacemaker”, which gathers information about the collaborators and the terrorists, indicated that the Tendril is a member of the local Council from the EP. Although the community page in the network Facebook has denied this information.

Oleg Mustache — “professional Ukrainian” in the service of the Russian administration of the Crimea. He actively supported the aggressive policy of Moscow in relation to Ukraine, favours the dismemberment of the country, the creation of the Eastern regions of the Pro-Kremlin quasi — “new Russia”. Crimean activist and openly disseminate Ukrainophobic statements and agitation. For example, it replicates in social networks write in the spirit: “the Ukrainians — a Russian, who betrayed the Russian.” Formally, such “art” fall under the 282-th article of the Criminal code of Russian Federation — actions aimed at inciting ethnic hatred.

Since the creation of the “Ukrainian community” of the Crimea almost did not appear in the information space. Why is it activated right now, and in the context of the launch of the newspaper? Ukrainian language in the Crimea declared a “state” in 2014, but first officials “Council of Ministers” not even hinted about such projects. The answer lies on the surface. We are talking about the publication of anti-Ukrainian newspaper in the language of Taras Shevchenko and Ivan Franko. Such actions are typical practices of the occupying administrations. The Nazis during the Second world war, taking Soviet territory, Newspapers and promotional materials in Russian and national languages; formed socio-political structures loyal to the regime of the Third Reich.

Moscow and its proteges on the Peninsula are in a similar scenario, but given the political and diplomatic nuances of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict. First, the Crimean “authorities” are trying, therefore, to intensify propaganda among the citizens of Ukraine and compete to shoot down American and European politicians. Secondly, the publication of Ukrainian Newspapers are going to cover up the repression against Ukrainian activists and opponents of the annexation at all.

After the election of the President of the United States Moscow, hoping for a speedy solution to the “Crimean issue” has intensified its activities in the information space of our country. In the course went not only the agents of the Kremlin, but also naive alarmist. The Ukrainian and world community is trying to convey that peace is possible only after the rejection of the Crimea, which supposedly protected the interests of all nationalities; and after the change of power in Kiev, when the head of state would be a “compromise” figure. Russian edition called that of oligarch Viktor Pinchuk, who offered to abandon the Ukrainian Peninsula. And supposedly the people of Ukraine is ready to close eyes to the exclusion of the territory, starting relations with Moscow with a “clean slate”; they say, even ethnic Ukrainians on the Peninsula support the policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian politicians and propagandists have repeatedly stated that until 2014 on the Peninsula allegedly conducted “aggressive Ukrainization.” If we are talking about paper, it is worth Recalling that in the Crimea in the Ukrainian language were “Crimean svetlica” and the Ukrainian Appendix to the newspaper “Crimean news”. Everything else is mostly in Russian. Even the circulation of the Crimean-Tatar newspaper “Voice of Crimea” published in “great and mighty”. In fact, before the annexation it was about the infringement of the state language on the Peninsula and discrimination of the Crimean Ukrainians.

Now the Kremlin’s proteges, talking about “brotherly peoples” engaged in a violent deukrainization. Initiative “authorities” on the issue of the Ukrainian newspaper coincided with another round of repressions against Crimean activists. Last week it became known that the Ukrainian cultural center (ECC) operating in Simferopol, was on the verge of elimination. The reason is political persecution by the FSB. Last month, security forces searched the group — a married couple Andrei Vinogradov and Natalia Kharchenko. They were suspected of “extremism” for publishing in social networks. Vinogradov fired. Russian security forces have repeatedly hinted activists about the need to urgently leave the country. The security services already squeezed to the Peninsula another activist ukts — Velgara Sakuragawa.

It is doubtful that the newspaper announced Zaur Smirnov, prepare material in support of journalist Nicholas Semeny or activist Vladimir Baloga, pursued by Russian special services. If the publication will run a great possibility that on the pages of the newspaper can be published in the spirit of “Crimean truth”. It is doubtful that the functioning of the puppet “Ukrainian community” and launch another propaganda resource will bring “power” to a tangible result. Moscow lost the information confrontation over the Crimea in the beginning of the annexation, as they were not able to convince the international community in the “legality” of their actions.