Wise Russia

Neighborly relations between Finland and Russia is not a friendly Union. It’s a game. Unconvincing and unsuccessful decorations happy relationship, when you say one thing and do another. In the border there are no elements of a team game in which participants respect each other.

Finland believed that it is under the protection of the strong. Silent, instead of to demand. Asked for forgiveness, although the situation is expected apology the other side. Hoped that the obscurity provide it with safety, destroyed everything that would have helped to avoid trouble in the future, lost security in the rear.

The strategy of silence policy was timid, lethargic and lazy ogromna. An indication that the state has lost secured the independence of capacity, courage, desire and motivation. Movement for its own benefit stopped completely.

For Russia’s national interests were always paramount — the starting point and main goal. For Finland, its people and the country are the unfortunate heroes of the second plan. Russia is making profitable moves. Finland does not see their interests. Finland is neglecting its national interests, forget about the concept of a sovereign state and the security of its own citizens. Finland humbly grateful for the attention that she has a stronger. Swallows one hook after another.

The naivety of Finland brought her to a standstill, the output of which will require strength and intelligence. You may need great luck and the selfless help of others.

The issues of dual citizenship and buying property become a part of the game.

The transfer of strategically important territories in the hands of another state is a security risk that Russia clearly understands. Russia has always acted consistently in a state of readiness and ensuring their safety. Russia is deliberately held on to its strategically important territory. Not sold them and did not even rented out.

In Finland, all sold, and the Russians could freely buy. Stupid Finland was expecting something in return — in anticipation of reciprocity, it sold its most important areas. Russia is playing this game, supported by Finland through active acquisitions. Pat on the back, thanked and praised the good merchant. Inspired by this, Finland had postponed the adoption of new laws restricting sales and continued to make deals with even more enthusiasm.

For Russia citizenship is the absolute and indivisible concept. In Finland it is expendable. Instead consider citizenship from the point of view of national privileges to prevent conflicts of interests and security, it is treated only from the standpoint of human rights and equality. Russia realized the importance of citizenship in security policy and was not allowed dual citizenship in their own terms of the game. For Finland, the provision of dual citizenship was a humanitarian act, which is the Eastern neighbor falsely welcomed.

Naive Finland has got itself into a dead end. On their own Finland and her own efforts in the country formed the group came from across the Russian border, which Russia can in the framework of their legislation, if necessary, to use to promote their national interests. The law obliges Russia of its citizens regardless of the state where they reside, to serve Russia. Information will have to pass on, and help to provide, even if you don’t want to.

From the point of view of Russia, the Russians working in major organizations of another state are the sleeping cells that can be activated in the event of a crisis. Thus, the wise the Russian managed hands careless Finland to equip Russian citizens many of the most important companies in Finland. In a crisis situation these came the Russian will, of course, represent a security risk for Finland. Finland will be defenseless if the enemy is already pre-implemented in all the major public organizations.

Well that Finland has finally woken up and is trying urgently to extinguish the fire, which she herself had kindled. Access for persons with dual citizenship to the most important public institution in Finland must be as fast as possible is prohibited by law. The defence forces, the police, the Finnish border guard, customs, institutions, transport logistics, energy and healthcare are not free to use someone else’s government in a crisis situation. Moved to Finland Russians should not be allowed in crucial state institutions. Closed information cannot be provided at the disposal of another state.

Fix bugs of course harder than to warn them. Especially if Russia is wise to this already prepared. In accordance with its legislation, Russia has secured the right to protect Russian citizens on the territory of another state, including by military means. If Russia wants to, she’ll find a reason to protect. A sufficient reason may be the publication of articles on discrimination of persons with dual citizenship, i.e. Russian, in respect of the appointment of them to positions in the defence Forces and military service.

The situation is contradictory. In this case, when Finland finally showed itself as a sovereign state, Russia can interpret her actions as a challenge and rush to the defense of its citizens, a victim. If desired, Russia could interpret the actions of Finnish Russophobia and Russian oppression arrived. The question will be about the discrimination of Russian citizens and the Russian army will have to resolve.

This match should not play in the hockey box, and even alone on the Eastern border. Protection is necessary to search inside of Finland, the people.

Wise Russia!

Despite the possible hasty reaction from the East of Finland should be set to impose restrictions in respect of persons with dual citizenship. We are not talking about discrimination, but only about risk management in worrying about the existence of a sovereign state. A law restricting the appointment of persons with dual citizenship — conventional protective action of normal and reasonable for an independent state.

Let’s see whether the Finland government with sufficient dignity in order to protect its national security and freedom in the interests and for the benefit of its citizens. Let’s hope this jerk she would have the strength.