In the protests of Charlottesville found a Russian trace

Users of social networks have identified one of the organizers of a racist rally in Charlottesville advocate of the “Russian world” — Matt Heimbach. He is the top speaker in the March of the white nationalists and the ideology of white racism and anti-Semitism in the United States.

In the network appeared the photo, which shows that during such marches white racists in Charlottesville used posters “the Russians are our Christian brothers”, “Russia is our friend” and even carry out actions in support of the “new Russia”.

“Matt is a huge fan of Putin and the judge values the “Russian world”. Has VK, filmed against the backdrop of the Russian flag and the flag of “new Russia”… Also loves the terrorist organization Hezbollah, which has great respect in Moscow. This photo was taken during a protest in support of the “new Russia”, which was held in the city of Oxon Hill (Oxon hill), Maryland, in February 2015,” wrote Christina Dobrovolska in Facebook.

She also found a video from a previous protest in the same Park Lee (now renamed Emancipation Park) in Charlottesville.

“Video is dated may 13. Nationalists chant “Russia is our friend” (“Russia is our friend”). That is somehow suspiciously many fans of rush appeared in Charlottesville,” — said Dobrovolskaya.