“Tourism is over”: danyluk was threatened with dismissal of the head of GFS Nasirova

The activities of the head of the State fiscal service (GFS) Roman Nasirov got to test anti-corruption bodies. In addition, Nasirova faces dismissal. This was stated by the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Alexander danyluk.

According to the Minister, he is obliged to contact the NACP and the NABU so they analyzed the situation with unauthorized vacations and trips Nasirov, in particular, a trip to the United States to the inauguration of President Donald trump.

“It (the trip to the United States – Ed.) very cheap pleasure. Where he was, worth about 250 thousand dollars. Not a small amount. Declared whether it is the public supposed to monitor. If it was free, I would like to ask why the head of the tax service of Ukraine are invited to this event for free? Maybe is the service? Maybe it’s a gift? The law directly prohibits such gifts and services. At the same time, tourism is not over. Then had “Breakfast” too expensive”, – said danyluk.

The Minister stressed that the head of the SFS face dismissal due to the second reprimand of the Cabinet.

“For the systematic violation of the orders of the Minister of Finance, who are required to perform, as well as for inconsistent out of office I, according to the law, initiated before the Cabinet Nasirov attraction to a disciplinary responsibility. If after this will not be done any conclusions, the second demerit is the dismissal,” – said danyluk.

“I hope the head of the SFS will then deal with the reform of the SFS. Tourism is over,” said danyluk.

Danyluk also said that SFS and failed to report in SFS for reform.

“Of course, much easier to snatch an opportunistic some figures and present successes. But the report on these indicators would show what is actually happening in the SFS, and whether or not there is progress, how satisfied are taxpayers. This order was not fulfilled, as was done a number of other instructions which I gave to the head of the SFS,” said danyluk.

We will remind, Nasirov head of the State fiscal service may 5, 2015.