We use Brakcet to fight for the rights of workers

When the British people last summer voted to secede from the EU, he did it in the hope more strong and bright future for their country. My government is determined to respond to this call by supporting the business that provides growth, and helping to spread benefits across the country.

In the rapidly changing world of work this means that we should advocate for entrepreneurs who create and invent and also hardworking workers, who transform these sparks of inspiration into a tangible results of a dynamic economy. The conservative party have always been the true party of these workers. In this moment of national change, when the country will choose a leader to lead us through the negotiations on Brexia further, the Conservative party has again become the mouthpiece of ordinary working people. Becoming Prime Minister, I made it clear that he would use the withdrawal of Britain from the EU for strengthening and expansion of workers ‘ rights. And today we are announcing the largest expansion of the rights and protections of workers in the entire history of conservative governments. Our most successful companies know that creating a safe, reliable and satisfying remuneration and working environment is the best way to achieve the maximum from the workers. A new package of measures is based on the best examples of good practice that is already implemented in the most efficient British companies.

Take for example the new legal right to leave, which we will provide parents who have lost children. It would seem, is unthinkable to deprive a mother or father that had just experienced the horror of losing a child, to realize what happened and come to terms with loss. But at the moment the parents in such a situation there is no legal guarantee of leave, and we in these cases have to be guided by the employment contract. Instead, we legally give the grieving parents some assurance for the attainment of mental equilibrium, while employers will give clarity and consistency in this matter.

We are guided by the same principles, planning legislation to approve the right to study leave, so that workers could gain the skills needed to obtain a good paying job, and leave to care for family members. Workers in other countries take these rights for granted, many of the employees we also use such opportunities today. But adopting a legitimate right to such leave, we will allow everyone to enjoy this right, as well as create equal conditions for business.

Providing people decent rights at work, we will also take measures to ensure that workers were more interested in the companies where they work. I will make sure that workers are represented on corporate boards of Directors, and that each employee was legally entitled to receive information about important decisions that affect the future of their company. It will have the same information that is currently given to the shareholders. But now those who have invested their work will receive the same information that people who invest their money.

To the lowest paid workers received a decent wage, we will continue to increase in nationwide wages to the subsistence level in proportion to the average salary. We shall do so until 2022, when the term of office of the current Parliament. Raising wages, providing a living wage, we will be fair and just to do with companies and workers, creating a balance between employment and protection of workers. This, of course, fully consistent with the interests of the workers, and I believe that it is profitable for them. Driving across the country during the election campaign, I met with the heads and employees of enterprises, which demonstrated that companies succeed when their employees are happy. This also applies to the Steelworkers of Scunthorpe, who enthusiastically reacted to the fact that their company will get a new big contract and the truck drivers from Darlington, who shared with me his plans for the future.

I must say that British business in the coming years will have significant opportunities as we come out of the EU and are charting a new course for our country. We will use your plan to establish a special and deep partnership with the EU, and in addition, controlling its own trade policy, will enter into a global transaction, contributing to the development of trade around the world. Because we translate European laws into domestic legislation and regulation, the company will receive a stable legal framework, and disputes will be resolved in the British courts.

In June, we have elections coming up. And conservatives are the only party firmly seeking to ensure the success of British business. That’s why we are determined to fight against pointless red tape and to keep low tax on corporate profits. Bringing clarity and certainty to the rights of workers, we are leaving the EU, will have the opportunity to create a brighter future for all companies and workers in our country and to ensure their continued well-being. The ongoing success of British companies and companies based on a strong economy that can provide strong and stable leadership of the Conservative party. As we demonstrated today, we have the right plan for British workers and British companies.