Rospotrebsoyuz seized in Kherson threat “Hawthorn”

In Kherson and Kakhovka employees of Gospodarevskaya of Ukraine withdrew from sale cosmetic tincture “Hawthorn”. About it reports a press-Department service.

As soobshaet earlier, from the use of “Boyaryshnika” in the Irkutsk region in Russia has already killed 74 people.

The regulator has removed from sale the tincture on the basis of paragraph 16 of the Regulations regarding the availability of appropriate marking according to the legislation on languages, namely: marking as per article 15 of the law of Ukraine “On protection of consumer rights” and rule 16, the packaging consumer packaging is made in Russian language.

In addition, the audit found that the outlets did not create the appropriate conditions for the storage and sale of perfumery and cosmetic goods to ensure well ventilated areas, air relative humidity and air temperature.

Office for food inspection and consumer protection suggested that the management of the stores do not include further “Boyaryshnik” to your range of products.

The state foods and consumer service said that Ukraine has not recorded any complaints of the consumers about the quality of this tincture.

We will remind, inhabitants of one of microdistricts of the Leninsky district of Irkutsk bought the concentrate for bathing “Hawthorn”. On the label was the warning that means you cannot take inside. Despite this, people have used these products as an alcoholic, however, the product was concentrated methyl alcohol instead of ethyl.