Scientists have discovered why people are annoyed Champ

A group of scientists from Newcastle University in England, explained the causes of misohoni form of intolerance to certain sounds.

The team was able for the first time using magnetic resonance imaging to record clear changes in the structure of the frontal lobe of the brain in people suffering from this disorder. Thus, the reason misophone lies not in excessive sensitivity, and in parts of the brain responsible for regulating emotions. Annoying sounds lead to palpitations in patients and increased sweating.

Olana Tansley-Hancock, suffering from biofonia, said that the chomping sounds or breathing can cause she’s having a panic attack.

“I have long avoided the crowded places, like movie theaters. To avoid noises, I usually pass on the train seven or eight cars, and also quit my job after three months because most of the time crying and had a panic attack,” she explained.

Discovery scientists enabled them to understand the condition of people suffering from biofonia, and also gives the opportunity to find a cure from it. However, experts still can’t figure out why patients irritate only certain sounds, but not all.

Earlier it was reported that researchers from the University of lübeck in Germany found that random fluctuations of brain activity (neural noise) can occur due to the aging process and increase with age.