Groysman about the growth of prices for food products: it should deal with AMC

Ukraine is able to meet our food needs for most items, has the potential of increasing capacity of agricultural production to increase exports, and the cases of price fluctuations for food in the country should consider anti-monopoly Committee. This was said by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman during a meeting of the government, the press service of the Cabinet.

He stressed that the agricultural sector is identified as one of the growth points of the economy. And this is why the draft State budget for the year 2018, the Cabinet Ministers have laid a large array of programs to support farmers – primarily in the segment of small and medium-sized farming and agricultural engineering.

“We need to increase production capacity to increase exports and supply the domestic market (and also to stabilize prices). Production increase – new jobs, plus support exports, which today is growing, – said Vladimir Groisman. – And in the context of prices need to work the Antimonopoly Committee. He needs to play the role of a body that does not allow the creation of artificial monopolies, which can lead, in particular, and to higher prices”.


  • The AMC checks the rising prices of chicken

At the same time Vladimir Groisman said that the artificial regulation of prices is not. “The goal is to create that level of production, which will lead to lower prices. In a few years this will be possible. Now it is necessary to boost investment in farming – it will give the result. And more – crop, vegetable crops,” – said the Prime Minister.

Earlier Vladimir Groisman said that the growth of prices in Ukraine is affected by the cost of imported goods and seasonal fluctuations.