Russian bus in Ukraine buy “with a Bang”

For the first month of 2017 were sold in Ukraine 159 new buses, according to the Association “Ukrautoprom”.

More than a quarter of those sales (42 pieces) belongs to the products of OJSC “Pavlovsky bus”, part of the GAZ group. The result a year ago the GROOVE is improved by 56%.

Buses Cherkasy bus plant brand Chieftain finished second in the January market with an index of 37 was sales. Compared to January 2016 the sale of Chieftain decreased by 26%.

In the third place, the “standard”, which increased 8 times their sales to 24 buses.

Fourth place at the “Bogdan” – 20 buses (+233%).

The top five leaders of the Ukrainian market of new buses Elektron – 10 was sales. In January 2016 registrations of buses of this brand were noted.