In the U.S. House of representatives re-introduced a bill “On support of Ukraine”

The us Congress re-introduced to the house of representatives of the us Congress bill in support of Ukraine STAND for Ukraine Act, which until late last year did not pass the approval process in the U.S. Senate. About it reports UKRINFORM.

A new draft law registered under the number H. R. 830, is called: “the deterrence, prevention and cessation of Russian aggression in Ukraine, assistance to the democratic transformations in Ukraine and other purposes.”

It is known that the document was submitted to the house of representatives February 2, Congressman, Republican Eliot Engel in collaboration with 24 members of the house of representatives, including from the Republican and Democratic parties.

The bill was sent for discussion to the committees on international Affairs, Finance, legal Affairs and budgetary matters.

The text of the new draft law is not yet promulgated in the official sources. However, it is reported that it is identical to STAND for Ukraine Act, which was passed by the lower house of the us Congress last year. He, in particular, provided for tougher sanctions against the Russian Federation, consolidation of existing penalties at the legislative level, and also imposed restrictions on granting Russia the countries-members of NATO of goods and services for military purposes that contain U.S. technology or components until it ceases its occupation of Ukraine.

Separately, the document rejects any form of recognition of Russian power in the Crimea.

STAND for Ukraine Act last year was never put to a vote in the Senate before the end of the session. The procedure, now it needs to be adopted anew in both houses of Congress.