A special way of Russia

The track, which for hundreds of years goes to Moscow, accompanied and using enslaved its people, so deep that escape is impossible.

What to walk on her own Imperial car didn’t originally, and always depended on her fate from those on the humps whom she moved to her next target, didn’t understand no one ever.

As nobody understood that the idea to build the Kingdom on Earth under the control of Moscow — the Third Rome is not even a Utopia, but a crime. Because of all the time that there is Russia, she managed to prove only one thing: all that she touches, dies, collapses, turns into dust.

Only Russia has managed to transform vast areas in the desert. To make huge of the European countries to third world countries. So how could Russia hold the yoke so many slaves that the whole world today believes in the myth of its power? This was achieved in Russia through a program of instilling a culture of mass degradation!

Russian culture is a culture of rapid degradation, the culture of the reactionaries. Culture, which is under the auspices of a return to traditional values, becoming more primitive. This is a very serious experiment, because thanks to him, Russia today is more those who receive pleasure from the degradation. Those who are unwilling to stoop to the level of the animal, have to emigrate.

The Russian border today, the border between those who are not able to bury your mind and looking for opportunities to live in a progressive society, and those who are on the contrary not able to develop mentally, who finds happiness in the fall, the “back to basics”. This movement, please note, comes under scrutiny and with the direct intervention of the Russian Orthodox Church.

It’s amazing how it turns out! A country that bullies the world the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia organization — approx. ed.), the policy itself is no different from the Islamist! Of course, you can argue and tell me about a phenomenal explosion of Russian culture in the 19th century, gave the world a whole layer of high-quality literature and music. But again, I will mind you! The explosion was forced! And the consequences of the Russian Empire had to pay a bloody Revolution, for it alone gave the ability to destroy growing on such a fertile soil of Russian intelligentsia!

The program focused on the creation of the phenomenon of Russian culture — it was the cultural enslavement of the peoples, who despite the fact that become slaves of the Russian Empire, were at a higher cultural level!The king had specifically to invest in the culture of the Horde-Moscow to the Ukrainian and Polish gentry changed their country, and began to read and write in the language of the occupier!

Russian writer at the time to be profitable! So profitable that Nikolai Yankovsky, not especially deliberating, taking the humiliating nickname the Crest (Hohol) began to write his great works on the cash — in Russian! He correctly counted! He made his choice and guess!

If he wrote in Ukrainian is prohibited, it would have remained poor and hungry, an unknown scribbler. Becoming a “Russian” writer, he became a member of the “Royal grant program” and get rich!

And Shevchenko? You know that a talented slave was redeemed by the king himself? That write of Shevchenko in Russian and fawned before the king, he would have been a favorite poet of the king and Empire! But a wayward slave did not! He did not praise the occupier who showed him mercy, and his fate was sealed…

Cultural explosion that occurred in the Russian Empire in the 19th century, is a great example of mass propaganda, a great example of that, if you want changes in the country, they need to Finance! That organic, evolutionary changes that do not require investment, is not a hundred, and a thousand years (which obviously is the government of Ukraine, which finds no funds in the budget for the program of de-Russification).

For 100 years, Empire managed to draw the “Russian” all know, all the elite of Ukraine and Poland and thus to deprive the national movement of leaders, without which, as we know, no national liberation uprising impossible!

But, nevertheless, a lot of cultural people in 1917 was impressive. So many slaves were able to rise to the level of leaders, so many people have found the need to rebel that the Empire urgently needed to do something. To equalize the situation, in the opinion of the rulers of the Empire, was the First world war. But she didn’t become a lifeline for the Empire. Too strong was fermenting in the minds of overly reasonable. Then to the aid of the Empire and were called the Bolsheviks — all the polls secret agents of RI.

The revolution of 1917, which took place under the guise of national will that freed the hands of the marginalized, and those, like, off the chain the dog pounced on the threat of the bourgeoisie and the intelligentsia. In a few years throughout the vast Empire, as a sweet sickness, almost at zero, was cut the whole layer of knowledgeable, educated people! Blunt fringe, the much-loved and favored by Moscow, again began to rule in a country entirely composed of collaborators. Almost all of the national movement was destroyed, and only a few national entities managed to escape from the boiler of depersonalization — the boiler of internationalism.

Further history you do not have to tell. Repression, alcohol and pseudo-folk (thieves) marginal culture are the tools, manipulating that the masters of the Kremlin were able to create a soulless and heartless slave — mankurt, which today is ravaging Ukraine. Those who doubt that Russia today is on the third circle of marginalization, tell me, what cultural real country folk song popular culture can become thieves song — chanson?

In Russia not everyone knows who the mother or Bunin, but everyone can easily tell and explain that is the thieves ‘ “concepts”. Almost every Russian citizen knows about the prison more than a resident of any of the run-down third world country (in many respects it happened because Russia is essentially one huge prison). But beyond the thug ethic, who now became the cultural landmarks of the country that gave the world Dostoevsky and Tolstoy? Favorite singers of the Russian people: Mikhailov, Pugacheva, Kobzon, Kirkorov? Favorite writers Russian people: Dontsova Ustinov? Favorite poets? And there is no in Russia more poetry! And you know why? Because the favorite pastime of the Russians is a thump under the TV and do nothing!

In Russia today, under the guise of returning to basics, the revival of the ancient Orthodox values, there is another round of degradation, the fact that (a historian and publicist Edward) Radzinsky called policy of simplification of the culture, its dumbing down.

You know that one of the biggest budgets for propaganda in Russia will be spent on the creation of a Patriotic comic book! In the Kremlin realize that they are so “dropped” the level of literacy of citizens of the country that the standard ways aren’t getting through. Now Russians are even “many letters” do not absorb as before. They even have propaganda to drive into the heads of the slaves of the most primitive of all possible ways! And, believe me, not the end!

Soon the country will go to people in robes and burning books, with the slogan: “Down with the literature, provide literature”! In Russia again, you must destroy the culture of intellectuals, who suddenly rose after the collapse of the Empire in 1991. It again is necessary to erase, to destroy, to negate! Because, as you well know, a reasonable person training is hard to!

I think even ban the normal and the quality and taste of food from the EU is associated with a program primitivism of flavors! The Russians want to teach slurp soup bast! The process of marginalization, degradation, primitivism, simplification and lowering in Russia is so pervasive that to ignore it is impossible, like trying to explain it banal poverty of the population. It is a state program. The paradigm of the new era of stagnation.

Russian culture, became in time a trap for the intelligentsia of the conquered countries, today stupidly castrated! Moreover, propagandists are so thoroughly engaged in this process that even their product which we have the honor to witness on television and the Internet has not become less poor and the poor. All truly civilized people left the Russian culture, leaving room Mikhalkov, Kiselev, Kobzon Yes Solovyov who, because of his talent it has finished. That is fully consistent with the state program of counter-education, education and raising the cultural level of citizens of Russia.

And all this is happening at rampant fanatical fascination with the myths of the Soviet past, the glorification of the exploits of the entirely fictitious characters. At almost the institutionalization of a falsified history of the country of Frankenstein. Therefore, all that is now growing in Russia like mushrooms, are monuments to the princes impostors with crosses, churches, Yes churches with all the same attributes of faith (with the declared secularism of the state).

Very strange that with all this, Russia is competing with a country where with education and vosstrebovannost learned men all right. Russia competes with the United States. And this despite the fact that Russia is not really able to compete on vosstrebovannosti research workers even with Pakistan. True, and the competition is kind of strange. On the one hand, Russia declares its bid for world leadership, for the title of world policeman, for the title of most promising economy. But on the other hand, she constantly talks about special, unique, sacred and screpnek spiritual “Russian” way, which is not understandable for people from the decadent West.

Mental debilitation, degradation, simplification, lower, more primitive culture is the process by which Russia will inevitably become a country not even the third, and new, special, unique “Russian” world, and will lead to compulsory isolation of the country. On the one hand, will allow the Kremlin to maintain control over the country, and on the other the opportunity to continue to lead an endless war with illegal, non-Orthodox West.

The sad and disgusting in all this narrative that the people of Russia do not resist the process, and gives the impression that he even likes. They like to fall into the abyss, in Tartarus. In the place where when it turned out that those who created Russia.

PS it’s Amazing how it comes out, the whole world comes to light, it lead into darkness, away from the light, and her rulers, and insist that they are sent to the Russians by God, for their sake…