Merkel voiced the position of Europe’s relationship with trump

German Chancellor Angela Merkel acknowledged that the Europeans disagree with the new American administration, but they hope the strength of the transatlantic relationship, the EU will conduct independent policy and to strengthen its own defense capabilities.

“We intend to build transatlantic cooperation based on common values,” she said Friday, answering reporters ‘ questions at a briefing after an informal EU summit in Valletta (Malta). The briefing was broadcast on channels of the European Commission.

“We will have the items on which (the property of trump) full understanding, for example, in terms of the fight against international terrorism, she said. – Are the items on which there is no agreement. I have already noted that in the struggle against international terrorism we can’t assume people only come out of certain countries or religion”.

In her words, EU member States are guided in their policy, no doubt, by the interests, but also values.

“We have repeatedly stressed that Europe must act independently and its destiny is in our own hands, – said Merkel. – There are regions, where Europe should play a more significant role. For example, in Africa. And in the conclusion of trade agreements (with third countries and the trade unions – Ed.) in the strengthening our defence capabilities in Europe. We must increase investment in our defense.”

She recalled that in the framework of NATO, the Americans have long and repeatedly urged European countries to increase their financial contribution.

Earlier, the President of France Francois Hollande stated the inadmissibility of pressure on Europe from the U.S. President Donald trump. He said this before an informal EU summit in Malta, reports Le Figaro.

“You can’t make a number of statements of the US President with the pressure about what Europe should be and what should not,” he said.