How to start the day, so it was successful

The average person starts the day the same way: wakes up, washes his face, trying to eat and quickly get ready for work. However, there are real working ways to organize the day so that we can have time and not too tired.

Morning is the Foundation of the day, so arrange it the right way. It was during this period gaining energy, which should be enough for the whole day, otherwise you will not be able to make all the plans. Time in the morning, usually not enough, however if you add in the “settled” schedule minor adjustments, the morning can be done much more effective, writes

First of all, start your day with a massage of the ears. It is on the ears there are about 170 active points with the help of which you can have an impact on virtually all internal organs. Before you start a massage, you need to RUB the palm of your hand.

To accelerate the liver cleansing and blood vessels, enough to drink since morning a glass of warm water with lemon on an empty stomach half an hour before Breakfast.

In addition, it is possible to eat in the morning a teaspoon of honey, which will give you energy. For a few minutes before you need to give yourself a chance to relax and speak all that needs to be done on this day, simultaneously charging itself with good energy.

Psychologists recommend to create the right mood in the morning. This can be on your way to work to celebrate something good. For example, a beautiful flowerbed or stylishly dressed little girl. This focus on pleasant things will help to set yourself up for success and keep the right mood.