In sewage in Tokyo have discovered cyanide

Leakage of the aqueous solution of cyanide occurred at a chemical plant in a special area of Tokyo Arakawa, information about poisoning people is not received.

According to the channel NHK, the cyanides, the presence of which in any amount is prohibited by the regulations, were detected in wastewater during the test, the complex wastewater in the OTA. It turned out that the substance got into the water from a chemical plant, located 4 kilometers from the complex.

According to preliminary data, the leak occurred from one of the tanks with aqueous cyanide. Currently clarified the details of the incident.

Cyanides are widely used in processing metals, organic synthesis, electrochemistry, and other fields. All cyanides are very poisonous, therefore they are also used as poisons, for example against rats and mice, in addition, some cyanides and their derivatives (hydrogen cyanide and CYANOGEN chloride) was used as chemical warfare agents.