In Russia have detained 47 Ukrainians on charges of drug trafficking

Management on control over drug trafficking of the MIA of Russia jointly with the FSB detained in Moscow region 67, 47 of whom are citizens of Ukraine. They were accused of allegedly organizing an international drug ring “Khimprom” with an annual turnover of more than 2 billion rubles. This was announced by the representative of the Russian Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk.

According to her, in 2015 the persons who are in Ukraine for sale of drugs on the territory of the Russian Federation was allegedly organized the Internet-shop “Khimprom”, which placed information on the types, prices and how to purchase drugs.

Wolf argues that the recruitment of participants drug group massively distributed ads with offers of high-paying jobs as couriers or freight forwarders on the territory of the Russian Federation.

She also said that “employed persons were given Bank cards issued on figureheads, fake passports and driver’s licenses of citizens of the Russian Federation with signs of forgery, as well as phones with installed Internet messengers that they had received instructions from the organizers of the gang”.

According to Wolf, during the RAID were eliminated 3 of the laboratory “Chemical industry” in Istra, Krasnogorsk and Odintsovo districts of the Moscow region of the Russian Federation, suppressed the activities of the logistics of structural subdivisions of the group, which brought in 14 regions of Russia particularly large quantities of drugs in specially equipped hiding places in cars.

In turn, the representative of the Department of consular service of the MFA of Ukraine Vasily Kirilich said that the published information needs official confirmation.

“The Embassy of Ukraine in Russia appealed to the Russian foreign Ministry and the investigative Department of the MIA of the Russian Federation with the request to confirm the information that there were among the detained citizens of Ukraine, alleged crimes, place of detention, and intends to provide a lawyer,” said the Kirilich.

He also stressed that the analysis of arrested and convicted in Russia of Ukrainian citizens on charges of drug distribution shows a significant growth of quantitative indicator of the detained Ukrainians.

“According to available information, there is reason to believe that there is a sustainable scheme on import of Ukrainian citizens in the Russian Federation under the mediation of a number of entities who are posing as the Agency’s recruitment to work in Russia. To this end, they place relevant ads on the streets, in the subway, the print media, especially regional ones,” said Kirilich.

Foreign Ministry warns Ukrainians from decision-making and job search by agreement with the unverified or dubious intermediaries.

Recall that since the beginning of Russian aggression against Ukraine on the territory of Russia often detain Ukrainians, attributing to them a variety of crimes. The foreign Ministry of Ukraine has called on citizens to refrain from trips to this country.