The court rejected the claim of Melanie trump over the article about the escort services

U.S. district court of Maryland dismissed in September by a lawyer, the first lady of the United States of Melanie trump suit to the British newspaper Daily Mail for libel. Reported by the Associated Press.

According to the Agency, the defense referred to the violation of the formal procedures of filing a lawsuit. As the judge ruled, the district court has jurisdiction to hear cases against foreign publications.

Recall that in August of 2016 lawyer Charles harder said about the intention to sue for publishing false and defamatory rumors about the fact that in 1990-x years Melania trump moonlighting as prostitutes in new York.

In its publication the Daily Mail wrote that the native of Slovenia, trump introduced keeping in those years the model Agency Paolo Zampolli, who has previously worked for the billionaire. This information quickly spread in many British and American media are not bothering to double-check the accuracy of the information.

It is also worth noting that publications like the Inquisitr, Bipartisan Report removed the previously published material and apologized. In turn, the Daily Mail only annulled the article.