Which products are particularly useful for men’s health, digestion and during a hangover

Greens is considered to be seasoning, but you have to agree that it can radically change the appearance and taste of our dishes. Even a simple salad of fresh cucumber and tomato would be much tastier if you add the Basil leaves and finely chopped dill. But other than that, there are many more important properties of greens. For example, it is very useful to enhance sexual desire in men.


  • What an amazing benefit for the body water with lemon

Enter the spinach, dill, parsley, Basil and cilantro in your diet to address many health problems:

  • For men

Men rarely ordered in restaurants, green salads, they prefer meat, fish and other fatty meals. But it is important to know what herbs helps men’s health and have all the more reason to love her.

  • Improves digestion

Herbs can improve digestion and help the stomach to digest heavy food. That is why meat and fish dishes nutritionists recommend eating a bit of sugar with herbs. In the summer we can indulge ourselves with fresh herbs, so don’t forget to add it to any dishes.

  • Hangover

It is not surprising, but the greens are able to cope with a hangover is no worse than cucumber pickle. If yesterday was fun and today a headache, start the morning with a fresh salad with lots of greens and a dressing of lemon juice and olive oil.

  • Immunity

Eating greens, you help your immunity. Just imagine how many vitamins and minerals contained in the bunch of dill and parsley. You can feel free to add greens in fresh salads or in a small number of fresh juices. For example, make Apple-carrot juice and add celery.

  • Constipation

Fresh herbs are able to deal with such an unpleasant problem as constipation. Introduce her to the daily diet and again feel the lightness in the stomach.