Ukraine at the OSCE meeting, said about the violation by Russia of the Minsk agreements

At the emergency meeting of the OSCE convened for the crimes of the Russian side in Ukraine / the Ukrainian delegation cited the failure of Russia Minsk agreements and said the number of dead and wounded in the battles near the city. This was stated by the speaker of the Ministry of internal Affairs in Donetsk region, transfers TV channel “112 Ukraine” .

“We have notified all countries participating in flagrant violations of the Minsk agreements. Also informed what is happening in the plant, the number of dead, wounded. We called on Russia for an immediate ceasefire and stressed that it is solely responsible for the situation in Avdeevka. Our position was supported by all partners, noted that Russia is responsible for the maintenance of the terrorists in the East of Ukraine. Of the Russian Federation was the only delegation which actually repeated his usual narrative that in all blame Ukraine,” said Betz.

In addition, the meeting discussed the critical humanitarian situation.

“Had uttered statements of key players, the USA, Switzerland, Canada, EU, France, Germany on the need to end these actions and responsibility of the Russian Federation. Also, the focus on strengthening the ability of the special monitoring mission to verify the ceasefire and withdrawal of weapons, and call for Russia to allow the OSCE to have access to the territories of Ukraine, in particular, that are not controlled by the government,” added Betz.

As previously reported, on January 31 countries-participants of OSCE urged to oblige Russia to maintain the ceasefire and to implement the Minsk agreements.

Note that as of the evening of 31 January, the insurgents 46 times fired at positions of forces of VSU in the area of ATO. Most of these attacks fell on the plant. Reported two wounded and two injured soldiers. Also received information that during the shelling of Maryinka, Donetsk region wounded 54-year-old resident, who at the moment of rupture of the projectile was in the yard of his house.

We will remind, in the town declared a state of emergency in connection with the aggravation of the situation on the part of militants and the threat of a humanitarian disaster in this village. Local authorities are preparing for possible evacuation, but as noted by the head of the CAA Pavlo zhebrivskyi, it is hoped that it will be avoided.