In 2015, the formidable Russian submarine “destroyed” an American nuclear submarine

Is it possible that one of the Indian diesel-electric submarines of project 877 “Halibut” during the exercise in October 2015 managed to “sink” nuclear-powered attack boat us Navy type “Los Angeles”?

Indian submarine Sindhudhvaj (S56) allegedly destroyed the American boat City of Corpus Christi (SSN 705) during a training exercise called “Malabar”, which is held annually with the participation of India, Japan and the United States.

According to reports from India, these submarines were ordered to follow each other in the Bay of Bengal. “It turns out that Sindhudhvaj recorded hydroponically effect (simply put, underwater noise) nuclear submarine and was able to accurately identify it before you move into maintenance mode. As it happened in the exercise, no shooting was not”, — told the publication India Today officer of the Indian Navy. Then the Indian boat “sank” City of Corpus Christi 533-millimeter torpedoes.

If the Indians correctly describe the events, they will be a bright spot in a rather dismal history of the Indian submarine fleet.

In recent years, running the submarine fleet of India has been many depressing disasters. His submarine ran aground, burned and even drowned due to the lack of funds, negligence and corruption. Perhaps the most terrible incident happened in Mumbai’s harbour, when, after a series of explosions in the forward torpedo room sank the submarine Sindhurakshak along with 18 crew members on Board.

However, the fact that the boat Kilo-class Russian-built managed to destroy percussion submarine type “Los Angeles”, should not cause much surprise. This boat is an outdated design, which are gradually replaced by new and more “quiet” submarines of the “Virginia”. However, it should be noted that unknown to us rules of engagement and the means and parameters agreed to by the parties. Further, we cannot exclude the possibility of exaggeration.

But the fact remains that the submarines of project 877 “Halibut” exceptionally low noise and have excellent performance thanks to diesel-electric power plant. After the dive they run on electricity and therefore they are called “hole in the water”. These boats are a headache for the U.S. Navy. Development of measures against such ships was for Washington, one of the main priorities, as boats of this project are in the Navy many potential enemies such as China and Iran.

Although diesel-electric submarine generally lower noise nuclear submarines, the US Navy give preference to nuclear-powered ships due to their range, speed and autonomy. Global challenges the U.S. Navy essentially require them to have in the battle of such submarines, which may long time to operate independently far from their shores. But those naval forces whose objectives are more modest, can afford diesel-electric submarines shorter-range missiles.

Reports from India may prove to be incorrect, nevertheless, this incident highlights the need for early and complete replacement of the boats of the “Los Angeles” class submarines “Virginia”.

These boats on order lower noise, they have a more — sophisticated detection devices and more weapons on Board. New submarines are much more effective in the fight against submarines of project 877 “Halibut” than their predecessors of the “Los Angeles”. Purchase as many ships of the “Virginia” is of particular importance, as all new country from among the potential enemies acquire modern diesel-electric submarine of the project “Halibut” and more capable Russian-built submarines of project “Amur”.