Russia left the trust: are the people of Donetsk to meet Ukraine

The self-proclaimed “Donetsk people’s Republic” sounding the alarm: according to the latest data, curators from Moscow gave the go-ahead, if not as soon as possible to return the occupied territories to the Ukraine, then certainly not to think about Russia and do not imagine a future Federal unit. The idea of “Donbass Federal district of the Russian Federation”, which was one of the main on the “referendum” 2014, has virtually disappeared from the rhetoric of the militants and aspirations of the people of the region.

A survey of the Film

From Russia, the militants of the DNR regularly getting only a little humanitarian aid, and quite a lot of military aid, ammunition and officers who turned the life of local militants to hell. “Rebels” complain loudly at the Russians, they say, feel like kings, and the local turned into cannon fodder. In social networks, and even slowly reported cases of “penalty” presumptuous commanders. The top leadership of the DNI has already got housing in Moscow, the residence and a little worried about his relationship with the failed second home.

About the leaders of the DNR keeps reminding so-called “opposition” Alexander Khodakovsky, voicing from a deep underground unpleasant for the occupants belongings. On the website of the Film the river flowing accusations of corruption, stupidity and greed of the rulers of the “Republic”, and recently a former employee of the SBU posted the results of a poll of Donetsk, according to which almost half of the thousands of respondents do not trust Russia, and disappointed in her actions. Moreover, in comparison with the same poll last year, the percentage of disappointed in Russia’s Donetsk has doubled. A third of respondents believe that sooner or later the Russian Federation will still include the unrecognized DNR in its composition, a quarter of a sure return to Ukraine.

In summary, Khodakovsky accused the authorities of the DNI’s lack of foresight, detachment from the roots and appointed the leader of the DNI Alexander Zakharchenko and associates culprits undermining public confidence in the Russian Federation. Removed from the streets of Russian symbolism, a neighboring country is not so often mentioned in the speeches of those in power, and indeed “the people of Donbass” almost began to forget who actually organized the “Russian spring” in 2014.

Adherents are silent

If you look at social networks, on the pages of members, activists, militants, “officials” of the DNI, we can see that all their attention is occupied most of the Ukraine. Commented and discussed in a derogatory manner any events of Ukrainian politics — whether the situation with PrivatBank, another statement of Hope Savchenko or the Eurovision song contest. On relations with Russia — perhaps a couple of lines and then basically spitting in the direction of the Russian liberals or the discussion of the broadcast of the TV show of Vladimir Solovyov.

For example, the former head of “the Ministry of foreign Affairs of DNR” Alexander Coffman publishes cartoons, stories on Ukrainian television about the problems, talks about Ukraine’s economy in a pessimistic vein, and mentions the Russian Federation: “with regard to… LDNR, then win the one region in which Russian Federation will provide their markets. Given that in the context of those industrial capacities that we have or in the South-East of Ukraine, in Russia, the abundance of their own production, the situation is more than sad.”

The current “head of administration” of Gorlovka Ivan Prikhodko focused on local problems of the city transport, stray animals, medicine… On relations with Russia — not a word. Ukraine is mentioned only in the form of coarse epithets, and the “mayor” that does not sin — then try its commentators.