Why Avdiivka industrial area so important for ATO forces

Avdiivka industrial zone gives us the ability to control the main transport artery to Gorlovka, where is the largest garrison of the Russian occupation troops, the headquarters of the “first army corps”, which is now transformirovalsya in operational command. Therefore, this road is of great importance to us. It is, first and foremost, control over transportation hub.

I think that more large-scale action to seize Avdiivka industrial zone will be no more. Now the situation, despite the fact that remains dire, begins to fit into the overall picture of a deteriorating situation along the line of contact. Hot fighting and attempts to recapture our industrial zone had stopped.

I think it will be a longer trend for several reasons. The first is that the Russian General staff is now not busy with the war in Syria, there is more or less a cease-fire. So it can focus its efforts in Ukraine. But the basis for this increase is that between the US and Russia now formed a political vacuum. No points of contact in communication of these two States, and the telephone conversation did not lead to any results.

According to our intelligence, no more than 10% of the local population is in the ranks of the so-called 1st and 2nd “army corps”. All the rest are people who have signed a contract and came to serve under contract in the composition of military formations. As they are on our territory illegally, we call them mercenaries. And in fact, it formed the reserve army of the Russian Federation. Only she stands under the flag of “DNR” or “LNR”.