They pretend that work: a snowplow in Moscow, just go in a circle

“Yesterday I saw something strange. Two tractors around the yard,” wrote this week in his blog, a young Communist and local politician Dmitry Baranovsky.

“In the end, I found out what happened,” wrote Dmitry. He took the mobile phone, came out and began to remove the events.

Then he stopped the plow truck and asked the driver why they drive around in circles not removing snow:

“For two days I have no brushes. They ordered,” explained the driver.

The brushes were broken and on the second machine.

“That’s why we go in circles. Idiocy,” said the second driver in the video.

Bosses watching employees via satellite

The reason that the snow machines all the time went in circles, is that the machines have the Russian satellite navigation system “GLONASS”. This is the Russian version of the American GPS.

The boss sits in the office and uses the data navigation satellite system to monitor the actual drivers.

The drivers of snow plows are afraid that they will not give salary or even fired.

Therefore, drivers of snow plows for two days going in circles waiting for new brushes.

In Norway too there were cases when employees were fired after the boss GPS data.

Must pretend to work

“Foolish, but, unfortunately, I have heard many similar stories. And it shows that this is not an isolated case. People tell similar stories in other places, and not only in winter,” says Baranovsky in an interview with Aftenposten.

“In the summer they go round and round, pretending to be watering the road, even if they have no water. Autumn cars driving around in circles, imitating the cutting of trees and harvesting of vegetation.”

The video, which he posted on his blog, has already received 220 thousand views, and there will be more after the Russian media, too, will publish it.

“I have received a tremendous amount of feedback after that video.”

Surveillance in the workplace

Surveillance with satellites and video is a part of many Russian citizens.

Most jobs are video cameras installed, and all drivers need to be installed system “GLONASS” to the boss could see.

As in Norway, system security and “the situation of workers”, but the drivers of snow plows in Moscow know that the authorities use them to monitor what they are doing.

This case also shows a big problem in the labor market in Russia: a huge bureaucracy in Alliance with corruption and nepotism. 31% of Russians believe that the biggest challenge Russia.

The story of the blowers, imitating the work is also an example of how quickly changes the use of social networks by the Russians, and that Putin may soon simply lose control of the media habits of Russian citizens.


The story of the blowers that pretend to clean the snow, had consequences.

Workers, which Dmitry took video, was dismissed from the company “zhilishchnik”.

“It is the workers who were recently employed and have not yet passed the probationary period. We fire those who can’t do their work”, — was said in the company’s employees

“This, of course, completely wrong. You can’t fire workers for what they told about the problem. The dismissal is illegal,” says Baranowski correspondent, Aftenposten. He filed on this company to the Prosecutor.

Gazeta.EN believes that the “snow scandal” in Moscow will receive, in the end, another end: to be dismissed superiors. The case became a symbol of what Muscovites get too little for the money they pay for public services.

And active local politician has taken on a new business, which he filmed on the camera of his mobile phone: the illegal felling of trees in the parks of Moscow.