Who spent more than five years in Thailand Ukrainian: “out of prison because of fights”

About the misadventures of a resident of Dnipropetrovsk region Andrei Jukovskogo in Southeast Asia “Today” in detail wrote. Twice, with an interval of a year, we met with him in prison Klong Prem Central, where Ukrainian was serving a sentence.

His criminal history to the primitive simple. After serving in the army (were urgent in the special forces), Andrew was plagued by back pain. A friend suggested to heal with the help of Thai massage. Tried has helped. Arriving in Bangkok for the second time in the summer of 2011, had the temerity to pick up on the street unattended, as it seemed, the package. Inside were dozens of credit cards. Pleased windfall happiness Andrew went to the nearest shopping center. But before to buy any camera, or your phone was detained by the police, accused of possession and use of foreign credit cards.

Galkowski to this day doesn’t know they were real or fake, that is to say, the bait. The investigation and the court found this fact immaterial. Provided Thai party lawyer has convinced Andrew that it doesn’t matter: we need only to repent, and the punishment will be minimal.

However, the court confession was ignored. In July 2012, the Ukrainian was sentenced to 34 years in prison! Appeal was useless, because earlier he didn’t challenge the fault did not deny. Ex-commando hid in one of the darkest Thai prisons maximum security, by placing together with killers, robbers, rapists, drug dealers — both local Thai and foreign nationals.

Thanks to the first Secretary on consular issues of the Embassy of Ukraine in Thailand, Alexander Tooth, which is regularly visited our prisoner, morally and sometimes financially supported him, he is not broke, do not put on a cross. In the harsh, often unbearable conditions of isolation, away from home relatives, suffering from chronic diseases, Ukrainian does not feel Thai the Inferno neither forgotten nor abandoned, nor rejected.

Good behaviour, conscientious work in workshops, where Andrew some time sewed regimentals and ammunition for the Thai military and later the sports score administration. The sentence he reduced the two and a half times — up to 14 years. Then there were two more Amnesty.

And here is Galkowski was released. He was pardoned and deported to Ukraine. “Today,” first met Andrew at the Boryspil airport.

The gates of the Klong Prem Central. Central the maximum level of security.


The story of Andrew Galkowski “Segodnya” commented on his “godfather” — the head of the consular division of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Thailand Alexander Tooth:

— Did not and do not believe that the case of Andrei acted as something extraordinary or selectively. For each Ukrainian diplomat, wherever he worked, the fundamental and absolute is one thing — not to remain indifferent to the misfortunes of others, to protect someone in need, to give hope lost or is losing her…

Yes, behind very difficult, painstaking legal work. Saved the life of one Ukrainian, who was eagerly waiting at home. First of all, the daughter Lisa. In August last year, not knowing how everything goes, she wrote to him: “I Congratulate you happy birthday! Although this is still a sad occasion… don’t lose faith in the best! I wish health, strength of spirit, joy and fulfillment of desires. If ever you have a moment of despair — remember, I’m here, at least we’re under the same sky, and that’s saying something. You’re always in my heart, I love you. Very excited and hope you will be back soon… So many things to say, but this is in person, which I’m sure will be very soon. Take care of yourself, daddy! Kisses and hugs! Your Princess”.

Turning again to the Ukrainians, who are planning a trip to Thailand or are already here, with an urgent request to respect and observe the laws of the Kingdom, traditions and rules of this country.

Let the story of Andrew would be a learning example and a lesson for others, forcing him to rethink views on life and their place in it…

Alexander Tooth. Consul often call and during off hours too.


Such enormous sentences received for credit card fraud in Thailand, the citizen of Ukraine Svetlana Grebenyuk and Olga Rotar. According to local press, the investigation had irrefutable data that, together with four compatriots, and another Russian, they were part of a well-organized criminal group, trading in counterfeit credit cards and misappropriation of funds of their respective owners. The damage caused to victims, as is evident from the materials of criminal cases, estimated at several million Thai baht (about 100 thousand USD). Media of Thailand regularly report on the operations of local police and security forces against representatives of the Russian and Ukrainian mafia, most often falling within their field of vision. However, the number of exposed, arrested and convicted “touring” is not reduced. In fact, some manage to escape punishment.


— Congratulations, Andrey! So good to see you finally in the Ukraine. Learned that you go?

— At the end of last year, was another Amnesty. And no one understood what the occasion — in connection with the death of king Rama IX, or the accession to the throne of his successor. Usually in prison, hung out a decree, and each finds his name… Before that, there were two amnesties — in April 2015 and August last year. They’re some of my time. We knew there would be one, just didn’t know when. And then suddenly, I and several other foreigners say: “Five minutes for everyone to get together and — out!”

— How much in total you spent?

— 5 years, 6 months and 18 days.

— It’s 2 thousand days and nights!

— 5 and a half years removed from life.

— How did you react to the news?

— Happy, of course. But emotions dulled. Waiting, waiting, waiting… And the release is perceived not so sharply. Came and came…

— So you just out of prison and on a plane?

Not quite. Not far from the airport immigration centre ІDC. This transit prison for deportees — violators of the visa regime and released from prison. There I spent two weeks. Then transported to the airport where, too, there is a small room ІDC. I spent the night. The officer was carried through the service entrance directly to the landing place. Of Luggage I had. Put him on a plane and home.

— At whose expense?

— For my own. Friend sent money on the road and clothes. Not in the same shorts and t-shirt to fly. The Thais didn’t care what I produce. Thanks to Alexander Tooth, which together bought jacket, sweater, trousers, sneakers. But not on the Embassy’s money.

— The passport back?

— In the process gave it to the judge. Tooth tried to pick up the document, but said he lost. The Embassy wrote that this is a temporary certificate (shows).

— Did not feel that this is a dream?

— Before we take off, expecting any surprises. And only later come to understand that true what so many thought.

— The certificate is a mark of deportation for 10 years. And then you can come?

Even if the stamp was not, I would go there never came back. Nothing good in Thailand is not seen. And to me there is nothing more.

— In prison Klong Prem Central we met in the winter of 2013 and 2014. What happened in your life over the past three years?

— Remember too much about. I was deprived of all contact with their families, interrupted the communication in social networks, turned off the telephone. Forbidden to write in Russian. Allowed in English, but the text must be forwarded to the Ukrainian Embassy, there must have been translated into Thai, to return to prison and only after that, reading the translation, the administration would decide whether to send my letter. In all it took about three months, well, plus the road to Ukraine. The point of writing his wife had no daughter.

“Hand Made”. In the prison shop — things made by prisoners.

— The Thais explained such difficulties?

They do not explain anything to anyone. You’re not doing it.

— How’s your health?

Is alive and thanks for that.

Home you know that soon you will see?

— At first wanted to warn them. But shortly before I flew the other Ukrainian. He called his mother, she came to the airport to meet him. And the Thais at the last moment found that lacks some pieces of paper. And he didn’t come. Well, the ticket was gone. But what was mom… So this was not, I was not warned.

— Did you miss me?

Is not the word! Especially for my Princess. So the daughter called. She’s already 18.

— Something about his story telling that it didn’t?

— Yes, in General, all the same. To blame himself. Could not resist, someone else took. Ruined by greed and stupidity.

— Does it hurt?

— In Thailand often fabricate criminal cases. In prison, where he sat, was serving a sentence of 10 or 11 police officers. They were tried for falsification of 450 cases. And every extorted money.

With someone a thousand dollars, someone with 10 thousand or even 100. You will not find to sit, and for a long time. In prison is also determined by money. All bought and sold.

— Replaced the king-long, who ruled the country for 70 years, came new. Something has changed in the prison system, the conditions of detention of prisoners?

— Maintenance mode has changed after the coming to power of the military junta. The convicted persons has become even tougher. Spent a total shakedown, threw the contents of all tables, even books. Not managed to hide down the drain. In the building of a thousand people. Time to shower given hour. Did not have time to wash, wash, your personal problems.

Walk. Lucky, if brought without the heavy shackles on his feet.

— So — you found credit cards were real or fakes?

— The court was not presented with the results of the examination. There was no opinion of the Bank real or not. The court said that fake. But like really, I have no idea.

— It would be advised to Ukrainians traveling to Southeast Asia, the same Thailand?

— Carefully examine the information about the country where you are going. And not only official, from the travel Agency, but also about what you write in social networks, the Internet.

— Now in Thai prisons serving sentences of compatriots facing similar charges?

— Only in the “Klong Prem”, according to my data, sitting seven Ukrainians. And another prison — two Ukrainian women. How many are still waiting for the verdict, I do not know.

— Why hunt for credit cards became so widespread in Thailand?

— I could be wrong, but financial and banking system is not properly protected in technical terms. This gap is used by all and Sundry. Left business put on stream. Besides Russians, there are Ukrainians among the fans of easy money. Klyunuv on promises to get rich quickly, they fly to Thailand and often in the cold. And then send plaintive emails: “it’s not our fault we were deceived, help me die…”. But the Thai law provides for economic crimes is a very serious time. And lightheadedness turns into years…

— As the Thais refer to foreigners?

— There is a very developed squealing. Thais is in the blood. Pass farang (white person) the police — Holy. No matter, guilty, not guilty, stranger means money. So, it is necessary to cash in. White went to the ATM, quickly called the police, come — all, arrested a dangerous criminal. And to prove that you not a camel. Same thing in prison. Prisoners actually does not protect the officers. And the same prisoners — Thais. And with great pleasure convey that someone is, for example, preparing an escape. I must admit, I was having similar thoughts. But if I climbed a fence, then stopped, would not the officers, and the prisoners Thais. Not for reward, not for the indulgence of the regime. They wouldn’t have won, and the term they would have not cut it. Just pass farang — the biggest happiness. Saw the foreigner mobile phone, iPad, mirror — immediately tell an officer. And how? The forbidden subject.

— Probably, it at you from an excess of negative irritation has accumulated…

— Yes, the Thais do not like and do not hide it. And language learning was. Thai Boxing started at the suggestion of the prison administration. I also participated in competitions. Thais my weight class wasn’t there. And blacks were. But with them and met. Do you know why? It is possible to acquire higher excellent level. That is to make another step towards liberation.

— How the prisoners he was treated?

— There were those who rejoiced. There were others. Some Thais, by the way, do not want to go free. Either they leave again to go back to prison. They absolutely sincerely say, there are free electricity, food, water, room to sleep, and so on. You can get an assistant of the officer that gives some privileges. And the freedom to work, self sufficiency, family have. On outside a man is nothing, lives in a cardboard box under a bridge, and to get a piece of bread and a handful of rice, you need to work hard. In prison don’t have to think about anything, don’t take care of themselves. And many people don’t want to change anything. I was asked: why so eager to get out of here? Live, rest. But it is not life. It is the existence.

What are you doing now?

The truth is, I don’t know. First you need to look around a bit, to recover, to understand and feel what is happening around. And already then something undertake. There I, think, Groundhog day, resemble one another, every day was. And then life has passed and much has changed dramatically.

— Not dumb, that will be welcomed as a stranger?

— Hardly. Born and raised in Ukraine. Not seen by me: people everywhere are able to survive. Another thing — how. In General, on Earth about two hundred countries. Don’t find yourself at home — find a…

— In the course of events in the Crimea, in the Donbass?

Yes. But I want to understand them myself.

— What do you say finally?

— Once again thank the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Alexander Tooth. Not an Embassy, not our Ombudsman, officials of the presidential Administration, not the Ministry of justice. God forbid San Sanych just what they deserve for their caring, selflessness, perseverance, professionalism. Could be formal, bureaucratic. And he always said that everything would be OK, otherwise can not be. Thanks “Today” that he visited, wrote to me. I is back. And start with a clean slate…

The material was ready when called: “All right. Grow roots. Work has not yet been found. Here time runs faster. And cold. Flew from +34. And tomorrow promise to -20. But all will be well.”