Horoscope for January 29 – February 4: Taurus time to update the wardrobe, and the Scorpions are moving through a minefield of temptations

ARIES. Energy gushes, passion, desires boiling, you are ready to fight, to fight to the last bullet, defending their own beliefs. But the language should be controlled so as not to harm relations, after all, are in the same boat with partners. If you share a common worldview, then, become great friends, clearly define a personal calling that is required at this stage.

Now, as they say, “who lead, and rack up”. Past and future intertwined in a tangle of crisis. His superiors disagree with the words. So to keep the service afloat, and even favorite work, take into service the experience gained, be as pragmatic, Executive workers, respect the team and don’t count on “free”. Given that you earn.

TAURUS. The key theme today — business, career and professional growth, strengthening of the won positions. Here you must keep pace with progress, demonstrating aerobatics business skills. But since employers have seven Fridays in the week, do not rush to execute the order, and above all do what you like creatively inspiring.

And clearly control your actions, it depends on them how much are you able to please or, on the contrary, cause antipathy. Closet like demeanor plays a role, you now meet on clothes. Therefore, the “primarilyas”, hover Marafet, and be sure to ignite the inner radiance of your eyes!

Those struggling with bad habits, it’s time to “reformat”.

GEMINI. The secret levers of change in your life are functioning actively and karmically motivated. Important here as an ideological and legal aspect of the event and their invisible material component. In particular, increases the importance of informal financial sources, and any initiatives that contribute to their effective utilization for the welfare of the family, to address urgent domestic problems, relations with children, missus.

Do not reject a supplicant, and be sure to let you can. For satisfying other people’s desires, you improve your own destiny.

Now we should get rid of old stereotypes of thinking. The mind and the heart require light of true knowledge, forming a new philosophy of knowledge of the world. And yesterday’s performance has already outlived itself.

CANCERS. You have to demonstrate throughout the “glory” of material substance. Relationships with friends will be based mainly on Mercantile basis, so if the benefits from friends not, most likely, they just won’t be interested. But if you entice a financial “carrot”, you are able to urgently mobilize and engage in joint activities quite successfully.

Dependence on other people’s actions, desires, and resources continues, but that doesn’t mean you have to rush headlong to implement them. Your task — to learn to sort the wheat from the chaff to come to a denominator of mutual interests.

LIONS. Slow down, you should slow down and consolidate the results achieved. It is logical that the cash receipts you will be interested in the most because work with maximum productivity, the handyman (administration values) and a well-deserved get. The main thing — to fit the rhythm of the business team, the success of collaboration depends on joint concerted action. Now one swallow does not a spring make.

But in the marriage Union money can become a bone of contention. On “mine is yours” forget all that in the pot, now there is only “ours.” And be sure to find a common passion for spiritual development, more travel.

VIRGO. An extensive scope of work, where you might lack business experience or professional ignorance, inability to work with a new program or technological instruction. It discreditied you as an expert, which should move in step with scientific progress, be intellectually savvy, to show creative originality. Tune in to the optimistic wave and confidently move their own plans, then all the problems will be like water off a duck.

If deprived of love, don’t be a miser, and show the patronage and generosity (mental, cardiac, physical, mental, and physical) everywhere. Now you are given the Skies in abundance, so share.

LIBRA. You lucky, popular, romantic, have excellent mechanisms to adapt in any environment. Where you sow, there will be reborn. Importantly, the head is not scruises from high-flying. Slow down, it is not necessary to idealize people, descend from heaven to earth and learn how to count money. The practical side of life is, first and foremost, not a stranger, and your concern. The implementation plans and future projects requires a financial investment. Engage in solving this issue, a cunning and meticulous miscalculations will be able to get on the right path.

To plow up a sweat for the money — harm to life and health. Skillfully use charitable sources and are paying in the same coin. Perceiving life as exciting game will achieve much more than a diligent workaholic.

Necessarily love those who are friendly, who are the heart of the roads.

SCORPIONS. The family is the cradle of spirituality. Do not cut the family educational saw, pay less attention to the whims of children, loved ones, better befriend them. If you brothers in spirit, that means all of my abode and in my personal life goes well.

If you have planned to organize a General cleaning or a major overhaul in the home, be aware of the original ideas, practical thoughts and economic wishes of the marriage partners. They, by the way, a great designer taste.

And less talking about the secret profitable sources, money likes silence. Take the left and the right serve. Philanthropy has a red thread through your being and is now blessed.

And remember: now you’re moving through a minefield of temptations (from 22 may to 13 Feb), which could have a negative impact on the service sector, relations with employers.

Crazy a romantic interest (you’re “as”) recede into the past, don’t be tempted by the flirtations ladies, courting gentlemen, and do not try to seduce anyone. Now the priority over friendship.

ARCHERS. Do not worry, no stress, work will inspire, give joy, after all, carries a financial incentive. Rush to work on a holiday, there will receive the sea of pleasure, to work with the comfort of performing a large amount of routine of obligations with high productive result. About the rewards, don’t worry, it will certainly find its labor hero. Especially because now you are at the peak of career, corporate business take off.

Friendly possible financial misunderstandings, but friendship is a Holy of holies that cannot be profane Mercantile abuse.

CAPRICORNS. The week will fly by on the love note, however you are purely carnal entertainment to satisfy bodily appetites, than disturb the harmony of the earthly and the spiritual. Keep in mind that it was there (the field of gastronomy, sexual pleasure) and hiding the root of all evil. For any needs of the body take seriously and not go on about them. Spiritual now shall prevail.

With the boss live in perfect harmony (the chief is your patron Saint), then it will not harm professional Affairs, which is the successful implementation of natural talent.

AQUARIANS. In the creative impulse, you are able to turn mountains. Personality bright, charismatic, potential for self-actualization is reaching a climax. If you start something, you have perseverance, thoroughness, consistency and motivation to build a comfortable family home, private life.

Under his native roof to serve the household, they commanded the parade. And to solve everyday problems, showing by example the commitment of the family court.

Personal appetites to subdue, not to show off, it’s in the past. Now the benefits are given only to the most necessary content modest means. At the critical moment, help will always come.

FISH. You are fatal energy epicenter around which events unfold. All persons who are now living in a field that really needs you for spiritual perfection. Nothing to hide, all the secret instantly POPs up to the surface.

Avoid dictatorship and conflict. All differences, in spite of the aggressive “want”, it is possible to settle peacefully without war. Magic of your charm works on the opponent like a boa constrictor on the rabbit, so if there’s an incident regarding money in motion is a hypnotic weapon. The main thing is to turn the business into friends, allies and to cooperate on mutually beneficial terms to meet the mutual interests.

Employers — these are your benefactors, pray for them, and follow all orders.