Convicted in Russia of Ukrainian Litvinov was transferred to Gelendzhik

Convicted in Russia Ukrainian Sergey Litvinov was transferred from the colony in the Rostov region in Magadan. This was reported by coordinator of the project “Words of freedom” Yana Goncharova in Facebook.

“According to the latest information, political prisoner, Ukrainian Sergey Litvinov from the colony in the Rostov region was transferred to Magadan. In the colony confirmed, saying that he was taken “somewhere in the North,” she wrote.

As reported, Litvinov was accused in the battalion “Dnepr” of the murder of several civilians on the territory of Stanichno-the Lugansk area of Ukraine and the use in armed conflict of prohibited means and methods of warfare, however, these facts were not confirmed. In this regard, the Lithuanians demanded that the Russian Prosecutor’s office an apology for illegal criminal prosecution on behalf of the Russian Federation.

In addition, Litvinova also was charged with assault. Russian prosecutors claimed that in the summer of 2014 Litvinov in collusion with two Ukrainian servicemen had committed a robbery with a Kalashnikov at the Russians. The attackers allegedly stole two cars that belonged to the victim, and caused him injuries. In particular, in this case in April Tarasovskiy district court of the Rostov region Litvinov was sentenced to 8.5 years in a penal colony.