The interior Ministry said, as it is often necessary to change the rights

Vehicle owners will not change the law every five years, with the exception of professional drivers of category “C” and “D”. This was stated in an interview with UKRINFORM, the head of the Main service centre of the Ministry of internal Affairs Vladislav Crickley.

According to him, the interior Ministry will not allow drivers to retake the rights every five years and ran through the service centers to change the documents.

“Would like to emphasise that the law is not retroactive. That is, those people who currently have a driving licence, they will continue to be able to use this permit, it will act on the territory of Ukraine, there are no problems,” said Crickley.

He noted that in Ukraine want to make a mandatory replacement driver’s license time in 15 years.

“As for the most popular categories “A” and “B” – where such replacement is assumed according to the EU Directive every 10 or 15 years at the discretion of the participant. In most European countries the standard is to replace the driving licence every 10 years, we’re going to recommend to increase the validity of driving licences for up to 15 years for categories “A” and “B”, and 5 years for professional category is “C” and “D” here, unfortunately, alternatives are not provided. So I assure you that nothing wrong with that”, – said the representative of the Ministry of interior.

According to him, the replacement of rights provides for the mandatory inspection for compliance with the minimum psycho-physical requirements.

Recall, as was stated by the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Anastasia Deeva, to the Law of Ukraine “On road traffic” prepared some edits. In particular, we are talking about a significant reduction of the period of validity of the driving license and the implementation of microchips.

Today, the national driving licence entitles you to drive for 30 years from the date of its receipt. The new rules will establish a new time – from 5 to 15 years depending on the category of vehicle for the purpose of periodic testing of knowledge and skills.