Switzerland has caught businessmen from Russia in fraudulent loans

Swiss investigators sent to the court case against two Russian businessmen, who pleaded guilty in the fraud with the loans issued by local banks, Businessmen from Russia headed metal trading company Nori SA, informs “Kommersant”.

As noted, a few years ago, the company took out loans in the Swiss banks under the guarantees of the supply of scrap metal from Rostov Electromechanical plant (REMZ), led by ex-Deputy of the state Duma of Russia Vadim Varshavsky.

At some point, the mortgage payments stopped, and the bankers went to the police. According to police, in the case where eight banks, and the debt Nori is about $ 25 million.

During the investigation it became clear that the leaders of the company showed the bankers the documents that the scrap metal from Rostov was in the port city. The inspection reports were fictitious, however the Swiss certification company for the money they are confirmed.

Warsaw announced that the plant had indeed dealt with Nori and supplied the company products. However, his representative stated that the fraudulent actions of the managers of the company in Russia, learned from representatives of the Swiss Bank, which was originally intended to sue REMZ, but later recalled his suit.

The Swiss authorities do not name the defendants in the criminal case, however, it became clear that the firm was headed by Nori Peter Terebov. Guarantor for the obligations to the Swiss banks was made by his longtime business partner Vyacheslav Beloborodov. According to the publication, in Russia they belong to the JSC “Dorelektromash”, LLC “Donlom”, JSC “Millerovskiy plant of metallurgical equipment”.

None of the defendants in the case have already pleaded guilty. It is expected that after transfer to the court their case will be reviewed under the simplified procedure. Under Swiss law to businessmen threatens till 5 years of prison.