In the Spanish chemical plant explosion, the fire started

The fire broke out at the company Requimsa, located in the industrial area of the municipality of Arganda del ray to the South of the Spanish capital.

Chemicals began to explode, the blast was felt for miles. Thick black smoke from a fire rises to tens of meters. There are victims, at least three are in serious condition.

Authorities claim that the danger to the health of the people of fire is not.

The causes of the incident are still unknown.

Earlier it was reported that in China, a massive explosion at a chemical plant.

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In China, a massive explosion at the chemical plant
8 February 2017, 19:57 Views: 1120


The flames from the explosion rose high into the sky

In Eastern China an explosion occurred at a chemical plant. As a result, emergency injuring two people, reports the People’s China Daily.

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People’s Daily,China


#BREAKING Two injured as explosion rocked a chemical plant in east China’s Anhui province around 10:45 pm on Feb 8. Investigation underway.

18:04 – 8 Feb 2017

“Two people were injured in an explosion at a chemical plant in Anhui province in Eastern China. The investigation continues,” – the newspaper notes.

The explosion was caused by high boiling point solvents stored at the plant.

We will remind, today a powerful explosion occurred at a chemical plant for the processing of chlorine in Valencia. After the explosion at the plant began a strong fire and heavy smoke. After the spread of the fire there were several explosions. Three thousand people were evacuated.