Why when entering a University, it is better to subscribe to all of his pages in social networks

Students today almost mandatory, in addition to interest groups in social networks, consists in the community of their school, Dorm or even a single group in high school/vocational school, etc. We learned what is the good of the community administrator from such free activities, whether it makes sense for others to be in these groups and that are useful for study and leisure can be gleaned. Leading associations claim that they are in good relations with trade Union and many teachers take care to ensure that more people could receive the accompanying blessings, and try to publish “intelligence.” And the band members like being able to agree on a joint abstract and remotely clear of undigested moments of study or organise activities.


The group administrator of the institution in any social network — it is honorable and can help in difficult times. “The main goal is to convey to those who is in the band, news on study, make the team more cohesive and to entertain people, says Victoria, Boichenko, which was managed by one of the most popular groups of students KPI a few years. She had graduated from College, but is proud of his activities. — All on a voluntary basis and without any remuneration. Although the “bun” is: each admin, like it or not, pursues its own goal. Someone wants to be informed of trips and visits, some become closer to the teachers or, like me, to try yourself in the role of a leader who can gather and organize people. I think that this activity helped me, as my part-time job — a small company on the tourist route, and I already know how to submit information”.

Administrators are the first to know news and should be leaders.

There are administrators that focus on how to organize leisure and mutual support. Regarding the last successful experience was Oleg Voight, who led a group of students of KNU. T. Shevchenko. “After the house caught fire, I dropped to my group a request for assistance, — says Oleg. — Was surprised that I said a lot of people and they really helped my family. After that I have several times conducted a the fees for the needy students. Too successfully. But when did a group of its small charity Fund at the end of the University, the case why do not matter. I suspect, to a University I knew and trusted. And then I gathered the people who are kind and saw that it is good, but since I don’t know them all personally, and helped with restraint”.


Those who live in the dormitories of educational institutions, too, try to “stew” in the General pot of his temporary home. Use singled out two: in such communities know about life and warn of the dangers. “Of course, most information about a clogged toilet or shut off/you get to that shower — says a student of KPI them. Sikorsky Elena Petrova. Is information, “checkpoint”, but about forgotten/lost/found things useful to know”. And the students said that such groups are information that help to find the thieves and even take care of their own security. “A few years ago I read in the group hostel, which is near the body a female student was attacked and ripped off the earrings and saw information warning about thieves for those who live on the ground floor, and the maniac who allegedly was operating in the area hostel-the University-the next stop. Maybe it was empty intimidation, but I and some of my friends and classmates after the publication has been carefully, do not go alone and did not wear too expensive jewelry,” — said the student of this University of Olga D. tell students that in a group Dorm in the social network can even “get” the food, when the savings on the outcome, and to know where in the city you can “budget” for lunch.

In the group. Discuss life, achieve hot water and repairs.


Those who belong to communities of students, identified several advantages of such membership. “First, you’re always in the loop, and if you don’t publish the admin, then something can get in there and give somebody of the participants, — says a student of NAU Olga Dorokhova, which praises the group “Overheard at …” (in many universities). Second, the community can agree on the General outline of a group or even multiple groups (e.g. Google Docs). The point is that it is possible to print all one by one, all the adjustments, take notes, if some point is not clear, and immediately get a response from someone who understood it better. We agree who and that prints, and then, with all notes printed and learn. Not for the “teaching of the ears” but so save time and manage to do more work to not “pair”. Gets a copy of the lectures and short and missed for a valid reason”. Many noted favor of the group that you can remotely agree on the answers to seminars.

“Raise the hands as agreed with the PM that it was not a surprise and fight for points,” added the student of the Academy of construction and architecture Maria.