TOP 12 police retro cars (photo)

Now cops make cars that seem to break the wall. And hurt by this will be only these very walls. And early motoring in the car of law enforcement have turned what could turn. Probably because of this, now they look a little curious. “Motor” chose 12 cars with special liveries that have been released prior to 1970 and now seem more amusing than threatening.

Jaguar Mark 2 UK
The Jaguar Mark 2 was used by the British police in the 1960s to patrol the roads and highways, which at that time had no speed limits. The choice of the policemen fell on the “Jaguar” due to the fact that a car like the British criminals liked to hit the road from the representatives in the face of law enforcement officers. As they say, fight fire with fire.

Wolseley 6/110 UK
Looking at the sedan 6/110 now defunct British company Wolseley, it’s hard to imagine that his appearance worked the people from the Studio Pininfarina. And they worked. However, hand to the appearance of the model applied and the guys from British Motor Company, which owned the rights to the Wolseley brand in the 1950s and 1960s. Despite the controversial appearance of the machine, Wikipedia says that, in the opinion of some officers of the London police, 6/110 is the best car to patrol areas with a high concentration of criminal elements.

BMW Isetta 300 Germany
Bug BMW Isetta 300 was used in the late 1950s-early 1960s, police in Germany. The choice of the authorities fell on this car due to the fact that it was not very expensive. Of course, in any chases “Isetta” was not involved. These machines drove the police involved in the investigation. Moreover, not all “Isetta” relied flashing beacon.

BMW 501 Germany
But on the BMW it was possible to really go after criminals. Because the model 501 is not equipped motors, which would be less than six cylinders. 501-e used the law enforcement agencies of Bavaria and Lower Saxony. The car in this photo, and more “movie star”. The car starred in German television series Funkstreife Isar 12 that is opaque hints set on her license plate.

Ford V8 Super Deluxe Coupe Canada
Probably about Ford V8 Super Deluxe is a dream for everyone who wants to turn his garage into a small workshop for the production of rod. And in the early 1940s on one of these coupes were dissected officers of the police unit of the canadian province of British Columbia. The smallest of the offered for this model engine – 3.7-liter “six”.

Nash Ambassador Brougham Coupe Canada
The parade of canadian police cars of the 1960s continues Nash Ambassador Brougham Coupe. A 5.2-metroe rear-wheel drive coupe faithfully served and protected the peace of the citizens of new Westminster (British Columbia). Monstrous proportions under the hood for the first time was hiding the six-cylinder engine capacity of 114 horsepower. He mated with three-speed transmission.

Cord Police Car USA
The American company Cord existed in the 1920-ies-1930-ies. Production of cars of this brand has been established in Indiana. It is therefore surprising that the “Cords” faithfully served the people of this state. Probably almost 100 years ago, this car really was to scare criminals. And now it can be viewed in the national Museum of the automobile and the truck, which is right in Indiana.

Buick Century Riviera Hardtop USA
This Buick Century Riviera was in the service of the police of the U.S. state of California. Local authorities ordered “the Buick” a lot of cars in 1955. And for law enforcement were made a unique version with a body of type “two-door sedan” (Yes, it happens sometimes). Probably now you are not surprised now fashionable term four-door coupe.

Dodge Coronet USA
“Buick” California police in the 1950s did not do. Was in their Park and Dodge Coronet. The carmaker offered for the model of two 6.2-liter engine V8 with a capacity of 320 (single carb) and 345 horsepower (dual carb). They say that the warden of the police departments gave preference to the 320-strong version, because it was easier and cheaper to maintain.

Ford Galaxie Town USA
Ford Galaxie second generation, like Buick Century Riviera was produced with several variants of the body, one of which was a two-door sedan. However, in the service of the American police was a four-door variant. On it was mounted V8 engine displacement 390 cubic inches. In the usual system of calculation, this corresponds to 6.4 liters. Transmission for Galaxie in the 1960s were exclusively the three-step.

Chevrolet Biscayne USA
According to the website Chevrolet Biscayne in the late 1960s, was often used in the service of the police. For example, such machines went officers from Newark (new Jersey). Use this handsome loved not only the police but also taxi drivers.

Porsche 912 Japan
Yes, we know Porsche 912 doesn’t look as funny as the rest of the cars from this collection, but in the late 1960s, this model was in the service in the Japanese police. So she has every right to be here. Local authorities shelled out four a sports car to patrol the highway. Because the faster 912 in Japan at that time didn’t go anything.