Case Fillon added fraud charges

Candidate for President of France, former Prime Minister Francois Fillon suspected of fraud, the newspaper Le Monde.

According to the newspaper, the national financial Prosecutor’s office of France on 16 March demanded the investigation to expand the case against the couple Fillon in connection with allegations of “fraud in aggravated circumstances… and use of forged documents.”

It is noted that the investigators find out, could the couple Fillon to use forged documents in order to justify the wages of the wife ex-the Prime Minister.

As reports AFP citing judicial source on Tuesday the investigation was expanded in connection with these suspicions.

Earlier Fillon indicted on charges of embezzlement of state funds in connection with the bogus employment of family members. He was also charged with complicity, concealment and disregard of duties in the preparation of declarations.

The investigation against the Fillon was later expanded, as a separate item was included costumes, donated by the former Prime Minister his friend. According to the newspaper, the Prosecutor’s office gave a written order to extend the investigation through a supplementary item relating to “trading in influence”.