Poroshenko: Ukrainians with Russian passports will not be able to take advantage of a visa-free regime with the EU

Ukrainians in the occupied territories who received passports of the Russian Federation, can not use the visa-free regime with the EU, said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

On Monday evening on air of ictv TV channel, answering a question about whether residents of the occupied territories provide for the more comfortable obtaining passports, Poroshenko said: “will Not the citizens of the occupied territories is more comfortable than the citizens of the rest of Ukraine”. According to Poroshenko, the citizens who received Russian citizenship, “will have serious difficulties in obtaining biometric passports”.

“Because people in the occupied territories, people in the annexed Crimea must choose – he wants to be a citizen of Ukraine or citizen of the country-aggressor,” the President said.

However, the head of state assured that those citizens who remained loyal to Ukraine, the conditions for obtaining passports will be comfortable.

“It was a powerful motivation – the return under the Ukrainian sovereignty. Or you live under Russian occupation … or you return in a peaceful and diplomatic way under the flag under the sovereignty of Ukraine” – summed Poroshenko.