Economic sabotage against Ukraine?

Many people unwind in a social networking company to support trade relations with the occupied territories. The main question: “And do you imagine how much it will cost blockade ORDO?”. In fact, no research and numbers that thoroughly proved to their or the opposite opinion, no. How much will a ban on the crossing of goods? How much does Ukraine trade with entities that do business outside the legal field?

We say that Ukraine does not control the border with Russia. Therefore, in case of interruption of the supply of goods will come from the Russian side. They say, “we are losing the market.” All the way. But here I have another question. Ukraine does not control the border with Russia where it is in the occupied territories. Economic relations with this country are subject to national legislation. The goods that Russia receives from Ukraine or follow through Russia to the countries of the Customs Union, are subject to taxation, the imposition of duties, etc. We’re talking about exporting as an essential component of filling of the budget. With the beginning of the war, Russia banned the import of a huge range of goods from Ukraine. Moreover, it banned the transit. Disputes and blackmail against Ukrainian exports continue. So. Question: if the border is controlled by Russia, and Ukraine supplies in the occupied zone as if nothing had happened, not whether Ukrainian goods to Russia and Customs Union countries without adequate control of the Ukraine?

We are often told about the experience of Moldova. That PMR exports goods, if businesses have Moldovan registration and pay taxes to the budget. But somehow forget to tell that the border of this self-proclaimed education is fully in control of Moldova. For example, Ukraine has provided an opportunity for Moldovan border guards to be on our side. All export enterprises of Transnistria, taking place under the supervision of the country-sovereign. Our situation is different because Russia does not want Ukraine to transfer control over the state border, so each packet of mayonnaise, which comes in the occupied territory, may be exported. We are talking about a huge segment of exports in the Eastern direction. Why anyone now making great efforts to bring the entire Ukrainian East exports into the shadows?

Export duties are not only for taxation, but to regulate prices in the domestic market. If the product, which in Ukraine is 1 UAH, can be sold for 3 RS in Russia, Belarus and anywhere else, the price for Ukraine will increase. Duty calls and makes a difference to the entrepreneur who sells abroad, it was still where to sell your product. Export is the expansion of the market, and not a cause for speculation and playing the difference. If Russia controls our borders and encourages domestic producers or raise the price of goods in Ukraine, or to cooperate with the invaders rather than their own government — whether it is an economic sabotage against Ukraine?