The EU condemned the Israeli decision on the construction in the West Bank

The European Union condemns the adoption by the Israeli Knesset on 6 February “the settlement Act”, which refers to the legalization of thousands of homes for settlers in the West Bank of the Jordan river. This is stated in the statement of foreign Minister Federica Mogherini, transfers “112 Ukraine”.

The text of the statement it is noted that the act allows “legalization” of the many villages and outposts, which were previously considered illegal even under Israeli law and which are illegal under international law. Also, it is reported that the Israeli Parliament has gone beyond its jurisdiction.

When implemented, according to Mogherini, the law will interfere with the plans of coexistence of two States, and consolidate the inequalities, the eternal occupation and the conflict, the statement said Mogherini.

The head of European diplomacy said that “in accordance with the newly adopted resolution 2334 UN security Council, Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory are illegal under international law.

Mogherini has urged the Israeli leadership to refrain from the use of this law and avoid measures of “further increase tensions and jeopardize the prospects for a peaceful settlement of the conflict”.

“Israel awaiting confirmation of the actions and policies of the commitment to resolve the conflict by creating two States in order to restore mutual trust and create conditions for direct and constructive negotiations”, the statement reads.

We will remind, the Israeli Parliament adopted a bill that will legalize the construction of Jewish settlements in the Palestinian territories. It is expected that the bill may be subject to scrutiny by the High court of justice.

Earlier, Israel approved the construction of 2.5 million new homes in the West Bank of the Jordan river. The project was approved by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman. It is noted that the houses will be built mostly within existing settlements.