How to create an interesting and popular blog

We continue to tell readers about modern methods of earnings in the Internet. In the previous articles we explained how to become a “star” and “Instagram” and “Facebook” and how to make it. The secrets of creating a blog about the difference and the advantage of paid and free hosting, what to look for when choosing a domain, successful creativity and about where the money come from in blogger, told us specialists SMM (promotion in social networks), Leonid Kupriychuk, Svetlana and Olga Bhutanese Pisemna. Also, experts have shared good and bad examples of blogista from personal experience, explained how not to step on a standard “rake” and how you can lose even a successful and revenue-generating blog.


Globally blogs can be divided into three branches. The first journalism in addition to, for example, the main job is writer of the blog writes interesting/readers/audience-specific notes on free themes. Second — when the blogger chooses one specific niche (travel, savings, etc.) and deep, perhaps with the help of important experts in this field, writes his own blog. And the third blog from the commercial person, which not only positions itself as an expert in some area (crochet and knitting, making furniture, burning etc.), but is ready to offer its readers, in addition to comprehensive information, the finished product (the same scheme, knitwear, furniture, handmade, etc.). While blogger, although some path he chose for himself, should be understandable and stylish to make your blog (background, font, name/alias, etc.) and patience: the first words the money will not flow into the pocket. Blogging, even the most interesting and with a good start, according to experts at the SMM, it is difficult to refer to options quick money. Rather the opposite — first you need to work on the name before it will run on the host.


The first thing to do to anyone who wants to earn on the blog — choose a niche and service. Among the most popular and free —,, etc., with the ability to pay —,, etc. they All work on a similar scenario. But on a completely free functionality is simple: you register, that “spruced up” with color and print, publish texts, making friends. On paid services beginner blogger can trump the imagination and create a unique appearance of the page. Besides functionality for the promotion to be richer, but you can still distance themselves from the parent website-designer, bought a hosting (it just charges). “That is, in the search box you will have written your site where you blog, and can, by the way, if you wish, then “connect” online store, etc., and “tail” or any other after your name will not be”, — explains Olga Pisemna. But it is important to monitor the network and be aware of fashion trends, so many believe that Live journal has already becomes obsolete, and making a blog is not necessary, and a more popular platform for bloggers is becoming “Facebook”.

Over a certain amount on paid platforms a blogger can protect yourself from the loss of his blog, published materials, etc. “For example, if too actively promote blogs on some free hosting, you can get in favor of the portal, without explanation, and the page may be blocked. It disrupts the discipline of the feed material to the readers and could break the “friendship” with advertisers who have placed ads on the page,” explained Olga.

Therefore expert advice is very much newbies to “take a boost” to the website with free hosting, and then if a month or two is obtained to publish content constantly to keep them safe and carry on novolazarevsky website with paid hosting.

DOMAIN. Once you purchased hosting, you will need to get a domain. “So, for the Ukrainian-speaking/Russian-speaking audience is better to choose a domain name in the zone .com .net or .ua — explains Leonid Kupriychuk. — Sometimes the registration involves the provision of passport data and place of residence (eg .EN)”. And after you create a domain you need to “Park” a domain to your hosting. To do this, go to the tab “Domains” in the control panel and choose “Parked domain”.

ENGINE. An important part of the future small website engine (CMS) on which it will work. Among the popular CMS — WordPress, Joomla, DataLife Engine, etc. They also come in both free and paid, so some novice bloggers choose first the right engine (learning functionality, etc.), and then determines where to create a blog. “For beginners I recommend WordPress: it is clear, popular, good in all respects, and free — says Svetlana Bhutanese. — Any blogovi engine is installation instructions”.

Almost pros. To create a blog will have to explore the web.


To give the information readers need unique, useful and interesting. It is important that the reader do the work was carried out, the information supplied by the blogger, should not lie on the surface and not be obvious. Of course, it’s better if each new publication is supported by photo or video. “To put texts preferably not with “wheels”, and with the help of automated services, preferably at the same time. Then your discipline will be an exemplary and loyal audience will already be expecting that you will publish new and interesting information — explains Olga Pisemna. — In my experience, was the advice of bloggers who didn’t understand why they give a lot of interesting information and people from evading them. After I got in touch with the situation, it became clear that the blogger conducts the page in waves. That is, he can go days with nothing to publish, and then one day remember that he has a blog, be inspired and give 10 small texts. And since many of them start distributing their updates, each reader comes to notice. So when these notifications comes in ten, people get annoyed and prefer to unsubscribe to remove the annoying author.”

To post to regularly, or readers will choose the other.

A BLIND WALL. The second point that can create a flow of readers is the lack of communication. “If after post of people commenting on the text or ask questions, and the answer from the author, not the reader believes that the author does not wish to communicate with the audience. And makes for a conclusion that he doesn’t need this writer is around a lot of such who will be more pleasant companion. You should try to become almost a friend to its readers,” explains the expert.

WE CAN’T LEAVE. If you have already made great efforts for creating and populating a blog, try not to quit: restart it will be difficult. “For example, are frequently blogs for companies or private entrepreneurs are subordinate, — says Svetlana Bhutanese. They faithfully describe the novelties, and sometimes even write interesting articles. But when the blog leaves the company and a new employee, for example, is not ready to blog on a voluntary basis or not friendly with the word, the blog idle. With time comes someone new, ready to guide him, starts work — and the audience has “not conducted”. The fact is that if it is a commercial blog, then a simple undesirable at all! The reader, which again comes notice, give the impression that the company had difficult times and “news” to give stopped. Apparently, and now everything is unstable. He sees it as a revival of activity in order to earn something. Such a reader will not buy what you have to offer. And the new audience does not appear, as they, too, will see failures in the company, according to interrupt earlier blog”.

Information. Must be delivered right portions: the waves can anger the reader.


As mentioned earlier, fast start making on the blog is difficult, and rarely anyone does it. One it takes a year and the other even more. It’s not too optimistic to the author, because all the time to reach the popularity it needs not only blogging, but also free to use their resources (for example, if your blog is about furniture with his own hands, the drawings have to be shared, and the like. Some, however, are trying to sell something like that, but it’s not very correct from the point of view of promotion). “Many in the early stages discouraged many bored through hoops and waste time when pocket use, — says Leonid, Kupriychuk. — Therefore, a blogger needs to burn for your idea and receive a salary in another place before the onset of popularity. To qualify for a fee blogger may, when he will have a certain amount of unique readers a day. For different purposes the number of fans is different.”

ON EARNING. If attendance is high, you as a blogger can find advertisers if they’re not began to communicate on their own.

“First, you can rent a place under banners of advertisers, specialists say. — They are easy to find on special exchanges that “reduce” advertisers with bloggers/media people, etc. it is Possible to place paid articles on behalf of advertisers or their like hidden advertising. Regarding the latter suggest the blogger to think about how you perceive the post readers. Some of this sort of publicity can hit the blogger — especially if the advertised product is bad or the reader the thought that the blogger is no longer a free artist, and selling author. Visited the blogs may qualify for contextual advertising on the search networks Yan (advertising network “Yandex”) and Google AdSence. There’s also an option to make money on affiliate programs. Conditions typically depend on who stuffed you in partners. If this manufacturer something may be barter, if the blog of the firm that wants to increase audience — wimpier, and so on. A successful blogger can also earn money by selling permanent links on your page.

GIVE UP ON TIME. If you as a blogger have suffered a runaway success on the stage when you just started, and advertisers literally stand in line — pastries to filter what you write.

“There were cases when the blogger appealed the microwave and pushing the those who sells environmental products, — says the expert. In order not to lose money, the blogger has published two conflicting articles about how great, comfortable, etc. to cook/heat food in the microwave, and how harmful to use any products, especially if they were heated or cooked in the microwave. It caught the readers. They naturally shared in the comments and gathered supporters. The image of a blogger was ruined in a moment”.

Where the money is. Pockets will add banners, PR and “eternal” links. Photo: A. Nice/TASS


Some blogservice the PR themselves, and thanks to the numerous transitions and comments you could win a audience. Other necessary and desirable to promote including in social networks (to announce in various groups and pages, to “intrigue” with a link to the blog, etc.). Social media groups can be help and also to make a profit, if the host manages everything. By the way, in this case, the blogger has the sense to choose for themselves a good SMM courses.

To promote you can do surveys, promotions or draws something from his blog, including mass Internet message boards. Many are attracted to the promotion of different services or other people (as experts, or SMM assistants, and other bloggers).

“In principle all the options are good. But you need to remember two things: don’t spend too much on promotion one some way and try different options — experts on promotion. — What works for one, may not go to another context! It’s about what some bloggers are scouting, how to conduct business more “toothy”, and do exactly the same given that spetsializiruyutsya entirely different. Then they wonder how that could happen, and laments that he spent so much money”.

Another important point in terms of promotion of the blog: not every site will tolerate the active promotion on your part. “There are resources that can even be “banned” because you in some way try to promote your page. Therefore, choosing the place where you will create a blog, pay attention to this nuance” — suggest experts.

FOLLOW THE COMPETITORS. In terms of advertising sales it will not hurt to follow the competitors — both direct and “related” (do the same, but not as much as you). “Not only in terms of themes and positions are useful in terms of tracking, as promotes and sells itself, another blogger, explained Olga Pisemna. In the end, the prospective author can take the initiative and offer your site and your services myself.”