American dance with a rope around his neck

When Donald trump took office, most attention has been the foreign policy plans of his administration against Russia. Trump was going to agree with her, how to deal with Beijing, what to do with Ukraine, and that with Syria. Trump had planned to persuade Russia that it is better to go to Washington, not Tehran, and Israel it will be like.

But after six months we found ourselves in a situation where Donald trump just signed proposed by the Congress of the new anti-Russian sanctions, although he later called them harmful, and the Russians finally sent American diplomats to even the score and not to lose face. No new U.S.-Russian summit in the near future is not planned, because even on its agenda to agree it would be difficult.

Paradoxically, us-Russian relations began to dominate primarily on the internal American political arena. The Russian managed to Express themselves, Brezhnev could only dream about this. Even at the peak of the cold war, nobody believed that the outcome of the US election decides the opinion of Russians, former Russian Ambassador Kislyak temporarily coordinated by the White house (therefore forced to urgently leave), or that the main task of the CIA and the FBI to catch an incredibly bred Russian “mole” in the highest positions in the American administration.

To get to the real basis of these “bold ideas”, the Washington will take so much time, energy and financial resources that all will not be up to what is happening in Russia, who is it really what manages, what kind of relationship in the ruling circles, and what are their true interests. In the end, the Russians themselves admit that “no longer openly communicate with the EU in 2010”, and if they were ever honest with Americans, we do not know.

Moreover, to pervade the American internal politics of a failed state, whose economy is eight times less than American, and its annual defense budget of $ 67 billion dollars not compare with the American 594 billions. Talking about a state that Republican Senator Graham, is known for its extraordinary importance to Russia, quite reasonably equated to Italy. But this time he wasn’t looking for Russian hackers, and criticized the EU for the fact that Europe cannot cope with the problem and this needs to be sensitive to the American leadership.

All this, in General, is not surprising, since anyone involved in the world politics, it is known that only Russians and Americans perceive each other is deadly serious. So, what we have today, and how do we get out of this?


If you accept the thesis that at this stage in U.S.-Russian relations, which excite now the Washington arena, the Russian themselves absolutely not required, and to remedy the situation is, starting from this.

After the election the Democratic party, quite naturally, chose relations with Russia as a target. On the one hand, it helped the party to deal with disappointment from his own unsuccessful “downloads” and “reboots” relations with Moscow, and on the other, the Democrats have found an explanation of how they managed to lose a guaranteed win-win elections. After all, to blame the Russian. In addition, it was assumed that this topic lies heavily and causing a schism in the Republican presidential administration (which is not the same thing). In General, from the point of view of the Democratic party, the choice was made perfectly.

The Republican party have evolved considerably deadly reflex Pavlov’s dogs. In order to achieve its foreign policy goals, Republican administration need to negotiate with Putin. But to remain Republican, to negotiate with Russia it is impossible. After talking to her the Democrats and the Republicans expose it and win. Anyway, Russia — even with the economy the size of the Italian — is one of the ten largest economies in the world. In addition, it has considerable potential malware that can be used at a convenient time.

As a result, the Democrats generally are trying to negotiate with Russia, but is not convincing enough the hawk, who would be able to “sell” to the American domestic arena. Republicans also cast Russia as experienced exorcists, to eventually make her the Reagan-Bush conversation. Now, however, Democrats cast trump and Putin at the same time, and the Republicans are confused and do not understand what you can do to prevent or help them. So is there any way out of this situation?

In Moscow, as in Riyadh

If there is, it will be difficult and will take years. Just Russia has never been able to create in US something like Saudi hypertrophy, i.e. a special brain jumper that allows Washington to a certain extent, to ignore the absolute value discrepancy of the trading partner. However, none of the Saudi Secretary General of, unlike Russian, do not put own society goal at the highest stage, to change the regime in the United States or to destroy America completely. That the Saudis leave for Friday prayers at the well-guarded mosque. From the point of view of many Americans, neither regime change nor the transition to capitalism did not change the Russians, and this should be considered.

During the cold war the Russians had brought up their American who knows what other danger, except the Russian, does not exist. And this American does not want to believe that Russian has changed, and that he never aims to destroy or occupy America, and only wants something she has to take, and then to send grandma to a rest on pension. The image of Russia in the United States have been formed, and to change it, you need to use tools that are diametrically opposed to the former. It is impossible to occupy the Czechoslovakia, the Crimea. Americans don’t see the difference. To occupy means to occupy, and Washington focuses on the basic concepts.

Until Russia will begin to work to change their own political image in the United States changing its policy, it will not change and the Washington reflex in the spirit of Pavlov’s dogs. You can be completely different and still be an “ally” that is confirmed by the example of Saudi Arabia. Although, of course, this example is very controversial.

Russian scouts triumph

But nothing like in the US today is not happening. The democratic party de facto left without clear leadership, and while it focuses on topics related more to the Republican agenda. Republicans vote against yourselves and the team investigating the team contact trump with the Russians, just joined for the 16th lawyer.

This may be indicative of only two things. First: you may already found out so much that information is necessary to process a large team. Or — second — just the opposite: growing the team tries unsuccessfully to find something that would justify her existence on the planet. The confirmation of the first version would be the greatest victory of Russian intelligence over the last several hundred years. Confirmation of the second would be essentially the same.

Therefore, the American-Russian foreign policy like a man with a damaged hand, which is hanging on the rope tightly wrapped around his neck. He can’t gain weight because hanged himself, and can not stop trying to break free. He realizes that to get out of it with one hand technically impossible. So he twists, stretches, turns, throws off the whole load and waiting when someone will come to his aid, or his hand, that is the Republican party during this dance will heal itself. Different administrations trump out of the loop doesn’t pop up.