What does the Russian draft of the Constitution of Syria?

Russia has prepared a draft new Constitution of Syria. The text of the draft was commented that Russia supports the Autonomous Kurdish region in Syria. But is this true? In the new Constitution, there are two important articles concerning the Kurds.

One of them is “Syrian Arab Republic” is the expression “Syrian Republic”. Another noted that the Kurdish language along with Arabic.

These articles imply an important event for the Kurds, since 2011, the Assad regime does not even recognize their identity in Syria. But to get this education, like the regional administration in Northern Iraq is not so easy.

The first Chairman of the opposition to the regime of the Syrian national Council, created in 2011, a Latrine Burhan (Burhan Galyun) about the demands for autonomy by the Syrian Kurds at the time, said: “Syria is not densely populated by Kurds, like Iraq, so in Syria to create a regional administration similar to the North Iraq is extremely difficult.”

Moreover, in other articles of the Constitution, prepared by Russians, refers to the protection of the territorial integrity of Syria and stresses the unacceptability of the loss of Syrian territories in any form.

And in paragraph associated with the demand for autonomy from the Kurds, it is noted that “state frontiers can be changed only through a referendum conducted among all citizens of Syria.” In other words, this is only possible with the participation of the entire population of Syria in the vote, and a referendum held among the Kurds, will not be enough.
The text of the Constitution prepared by the Russians, not the situation against which may act the Assad regime.

But what Iran thinks about this controversial issue.

Because in recent years between Iran and Russia have some differences on the topic of Syria.

In addition, many references about the Syrian people, the draft Constitution prepared by the Russian, left little room for a settlement in Syria, this came from outside forces, like Iran.
Another situation that along with all this is attention: when we are talking about the Syrian Kurds, the mind always comes a terrorist organization, the Party “Democratic Union” (PYD), an offshoot of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK).

Before the announcement of truce in Syria on 30 December, the Russians held talks with local Kurdish groups, which isolates the PYD in Syria and who do not take the PKK.

The Russian view on the issue of Syrian Kurds is consistent with the point of view of Turkey.

This is what we saw when the PYD-the PKK was not invited to the summit in Astana, opposition to the regime and local Kurdish groups participated in this meeting as representatives of the Syrian Kurds.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia has invited to Moscow by three representatives of the PYD. At this same meeting were also invited the Syrian opposition.

This situation looks not so much as support for the PYD from the Russian side, but as the desire to break the pressure that the PYD has on other Kurdish groups.

At the meeting of the Russian delegation with members of the PYD in December last year, at a military base Hamim PYD in the form of an ultimatum the signal was given: “You are not the only representatives of the Kurds in Syria.”

Russia is using all possible diplomatic initiatives necessary for the speedy settlement of the Syrian issue. She knows without restraint PYD is not possible to do. In this regard, Russia is holding in the foreground the local forces, moderating the influence of the PYD, while trying not to hurt sensitive for Turkey moments.