The who advises Europe not to relax: a second wave of coronavirus are expected in the autumn

“Let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst”, – said the who

Countries in Europe need to prepare for the second wave of coronavirus and to exercise caution if you cancel the quarantine measures imposed because of the pandemic, which put an end to the handshakes.

This was stated by Director of the European office of the world health organization Hans Kluge.

“I am very concerned about the dual wave: in the fall we can have a second wave COVID-19 and another seasonal flu or measles,” – said in an interview with The Independent.

Pandemic coronavirus is not over, and 32 from the 43 countries of Europe, previously introduced and restrictive quarantine measures for COVID-19, now loosen them. But the abolition of such measures should be gradual and carefully.

“People think that the isolation is complete. Nothing has changed. Complete set measures for disease control should remain in force,” he said.

Kluge admitted that “isolation has not changed the situation with the virus” because no vaccine or treatment for it.

He also said that humanity will have to tolerate the existence of COVID-19, as with many other viruses on the Earth. In addition to mutations, which can make the virus more dangerous could happen and this mutation, which would weaken its virulence and turn the virus into a seasonal disease.

“Let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst,” summed up Kluge.

We will remind that earlier the number of victims of coronavirus in the world has reached 300 thousand people.