Scientists: the use of probiotics greatly exaggerated

In the gut of every human being to live trillions of bacteria. Some of them are “good”, “bad”. Probiotics belong to the category of “good”. It is believed that they improve digestion and help to neutralize dangerous microogranism. However, recent clinical trials have shown that probiotics are ineffective in relation to healthy people, reports the website

Jonathan Eisen, microbiologist and Professor at the University of California-Davis claims that some probiotics actually not so “live”. Yeah, they have germs, but many of them are not viable.


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And because probiotics are considered a dietary Supplement, their production is regulated less tightly than pharmaceuticals, meaning that they may contain contaminants such as fungi or other bacteria.

But even if the probiotic is what he claims, the germs still must pass through the stomach to the intestines to have any effect. Alas, depending on microbes and how they are processed and stored, many simply do not enter the stomach. Thus, the probiotics, which the consumer takes when intestinal upset, may not even reach the gastrointestinal tract.


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